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Shin Min Ah and Lee Jung Jae Confirmed for JTBC Drama

“Aide” tells the story of politicians who control the world while standing behind the spotlight and engage in the dangerous gambling of politics. It is also a survival story of the “super” advisor Jang Tae Joon (Lee Jung Jae, in his first drama in 10 years) who is on his way to having the most power in the nation.

Shin Min Ah will be taking on the role of Kang Sun Young, a female politician who attempts to break the glass ceiling. She used to be a talented lawyer with experience of hosting a TV program that addresses current events, and she is now a newly-selected committee member of her political party. While she receives respect and praise from women for challenging herself against the glass ceiling, it makes it that more difficult for her advisors to get along with her.

Written by Lee Dae Il of OCN’s “Life On Mars” and directed by Kwak Jung Hwan of “Miss Hammurabi,” “Aide” is slated to premiere in May.

Sources: @kdrama_news | Soompi/Naver
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