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The nomnomnominations for the pet competition was a success and I have a lot to go through, so while we wait for our furry babies to make a comeback, and keeping up with the 'Omona needs no male' mood, here comes the second installment of omona's fluffy take over: the fluffy takes.
Pretty much like vintage_boom Hot Takes, but make them fluffy (good vibes, positive vibes, happy vibes), and preferably women centric.

ex: Homan moms who prefer cat over dogs are queens and that's a fact.

Unrelated Kitty Proposal:
As a third installment of the fluffy take over, I would like to get your opinion on a "woman of the month" serie.
The goal would be to have a post focused on one queen of the k-industry.
We would need a part based off facts: bio, debut, achievements...
And a part more personal to the writer of the post: dream comeback, dream concept, dream album, hidden gems (b-sides no one talks about)...

Names like BoA or Uhm jung Hwa come to mind. But also LE or Hyolyn
I realize this is a lot of work but if you're interested in writing a post like that PM me.

PS: I might have nine lives but my inbox doesn't, so I'll turn off the notifications. Sorry >.<

xoxkenzxox 20th-Mar-2019 06:38 pm (UTC)
I would love more groups to do the goofy concepts a la Crayon Pop, Momoland, Orange Carmel, and T-ara. I pretty much only know girl groups but if there is a boy group that is dorky in both personality and performance I would love to know. Because the fake super masculine stuff bugs me as much as super sexy and super cute concepts.

Gfriend needs more fun powerful songs. There current singles, while nice, are kinda downers.

On the topic of Gfriend, I dislike that everyone pretends Fingertip and Sunny Summer never happened as they are both so fun and cheer me up.

Also, Sowon held a sign of her dog Meonji (including Gfriend lightstick) at their concert and it's too cute. I just need more kpop pets in my life in general.
#sowon #Gfriend

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revedesnuages 20th-Mar-2019 10:46 pm (UTC)
Everyone pretends Fingertip doesn’t exist? D: It’s one of my favourite Gfriend title songs after Me Gusta Tu.
dior_chic 21st-Mar-2019 12:19 am (UTC)
Is that Omona or Korea and/or International fans you’re referring to? Omona seemed pretty into Fingertip, I loved it. And Sunny Summer took me awhile to get into, but I loved the mini. That one did seem like it was glossed over, I didn’t hear much talk about it

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carmine_pink 21st-Mar-2019 04:28 am (UTC)
I seem to remember people saying Sunny Summer was too Sistar-ish and not very Gfriend-ish (the composer did a lot of Sistar summer songs).
lil_poisonfrog 21st-Mar-2019 03:21 am (UTC)
Fingertip is still my favorite title track by them! I hate how kpop fans react so negatively to anything that's remotely outside-the-box
suggestivepeach 21st-Mar-2019 12:26 pm (UTC)

Fingertip and Sunny Summer are honestly two of my favourite tracks from Gfriend omg. Soooo good.

lightframes 21st-Mar-2019 08:17 pm (UTC)
Fingertip is my favorite Gfriend song!
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