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He is Psychometric Ep 3-4 Discussion Post

SynopsisA boy who is able to read the secrets of those whose skin comes into contact with him, and a girl who does everything she can to hide her pain. In the drama, the boy and girl will meet and try to fix, heal, grow, and love from the small and big occurrences that happen in their lives.

Cast: Park Jin Young, Shin Ye-Eun, Kim Kwon, Kim Da-Som,
Noh Jong-Hyun, Ko Yoon-Jung, Kim Hyo-Jin, Park Chul-Min, Sa Kang,
Jang Eui-Su, Eom Hyo-Seop, Jung Suk-Yong, Lee Jong-Hyuk

Director:  Kim Byung-Soo
Writer: Yang Jin-A
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: March 11 - April 30, 2019
Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:30

WATCH HERE: ondramanice | Viki

I've completely forgot to mention this before but anyways:
He Is Psychometric OST Part 1 “TAKE” by JUS2 (GOT7 JB & Yugyeom) will be released on Tuesday, Mar 26th 2019

Click the naver link and you'll see a bunch of cute bts pics of Jinyoung and Shin Ye Eun.

Sources: Asianwiki / ondramanice / Viki / GOT7official / JYPACTORS / gif

I feel like this drama is moving fast and slow at the same time, and as a kdrama newbie I just don't know what to expect and they got me too damn invested in the story already!!

Also can someone who isn't biased af towards Jinyoung tell me how you like his acting because I think he's already exceeded my (hopeful yet realistic) expectations, it's just been such a joy to watch him on screen (the whole main cast works great together tbh).

There's a lot to be said but Lee An is still annoyingly charming, stop pushing my buttons!

And I guess I'll be aiming on posting these discussion posts around this time (unless there's objections)
snowphone 22nd-Mar-2019 06:09 pm (UTC)
just dropping in to say that even though i am moderately biased towards jinyoung, i do think he's doing a really good job. i haven't watched episode 4 so i'll be back later~~~~
camouflagecat 22nd-Mar-2019 06:58 pm (UTC)
Well, how can one not be at least moderately biased towards Jinyoung? Understandable.
camouflagecat 22nd-Mar-2019 06:14 pm (UTC)
Okay I'm trying to remember what my thought while while watching these so here's a stream of thoughts~

(and SPOILERS ofc)

- as someone on twitter pointed out, An touching dead bodies without gloves and then touching his face = N O P E
- okay so I forgot to mention this earlier but I'm still not over the fact that An and the brother even survived the fall from the 5th(?) floor hitting on top of the car so hard it dented, and then they just show the brother walking out of the hospital with nothing but a broken arm and a scratch on his cheek, a miracle!!! This is the thing that makes me go hmmm @ kdramas but I'll let it slide okay
- idk is this a thing kdramas do often or is it just here, but they do so many of these flashbacks into scenes we've literally seen like 15-20 min earlier in the same episode as if the viewer can't put 1 and 1 together
- then again I'm kind of a dumb viewer bc I don't understand what's up with the brother, what was that flashback(?) at the end of ep4 with him as a kid or something? He's definite suspect for sure, trying to get An and Jae-in(?) together for some reason
- the focus on the mask poster after the brother walks away - not so subtle hint? maybe bc it wasn't subtle I noticed it, otherwise I would've probably missed it lol
- that random flashback in to An fighting a bunch of people (which btw why? where? what? I feel like this was put here to tug at my heartstrings and feel sorry for An, but the real in-the-feels moment was him talking to the lil puppy) and then the brother shows up after ditching him at the orphanage and now we're not just gonna talk about that?? Something in the brother's character doesn't seem right
- Lee An imagining them kissing(!) and then they just... don't address that at all afterwards asdfghjk and then there's the 2 year time skip all of a sudden WHAT (older An looks good though, that glow-up in fashion!)
- is there really a connection between ans abilities being better when he's around her? it would be kinda interesting. I just want to see the relationship between them develop, throw the cliches at me idc! (actually this drama already got a few of them but I'm enjoying them so far so it's okay lol)

Bonus: this drama is giving me so many cute Jinyoung moments, and I just really love watching him act, he brings An's character so much more charm

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dantethetaco 22nd-Mar-2019 06:40 pm (UTC)
they do so many of these flashbacks into scenes we've literally seen like 15-20 min earlier in the same episode as if the viewer can't put 1 and 1 together

This happens a lot lmao It doesn't bother me a lot (as long as it's not too often), I guess I'm used to it because it happens a lot in anime as well.
dantethetaco 22nd-Mar-2019 06:41 pm (UTC)
I still have just watched a chunk of the first episode, but I'm looking forward to watching it. I'll probably watch it later tonight, and come back here to comment.
dantethetaco 23rd-Mar-2019 02:54 pm (UTC)
So I ended up watching the first episode and half of the second, because it ended up being so late and I had to sleep.

As of now, I feel the tone of the show is a little bit OTT for me. But I know shows like this tend to calm down after a couple of episodes. So I'll keep watching a couple more to see if the tone gets better. The one flashback of him fighting with other kids had me laughing hard for the anime realness. Mr. Prosecutor is hot but shady, he must know something about those fires or something. For now I like the girl character more than Jinyoung's, and I hope they don't make her completly useless. And someone pls tell the soundtrack guy to calm down, you don't need to change 4 songs in the same scene.

Regarding Jinyoung, I feel he is doing I fine job for now. He is not wooden acting like a lot of idol-actors, nor dead in the eye like some kdrama actors. But he's also not D.O, who I consider the best idol-actor I've seen. But it's not like the drama is letting Jinyoung demostrate much for now. Some of he's comedy scenes went well, others not so much. For the rest that they are giving him he seems more than capable.
yuujinchous 22nd-Mar-2019 07:51 pm (UTC)
it took me a bit longer to watch episodes this week but yay, i just finished them earlier today! story-wise, i'm just in it for the ride at this point because i legit have no idea what is going on lmfao. according to fans on twitter, there are so many hints and allusions to things that are maybe/probably gonna happen and i swear i try to keep up, i try to notice all those things but i'm dumb and i just can't! lmfao i'll let someone else figure all of that out and just enjoy things as i see them

psychometry is still so much a story full of typical tropes and storylines, it kills me. like some stuff gives me a ton of secondhand embarrassment and i know they like to play around with slow-mos but some of them are seriously too much!! like in episode three, when lee ahn and jaein were together at her work place and he takes that box of candy, turns around and holds it towards jaein. that was some crazy slow-mo lmfao like OKAY we get it, it was the same kind of candy that lee ahn used to give jaein when they were kids but that was way too long!! because at some point it does become awkward

i always have a bunch of questions popping up in my head whenever i watch but of course i can't think of any of them right now!! anyway, good question op! i honestly don't know if i find jinyoung's acting good because i am a stan or if i find it good because it legit is good? i seriously can't tell but overall, i think he's doing a pretty decent job. i think i talked to a user here (was that you, op?) in another post about jinyoung (and korean actors in general) overacting, be it the way they talk or their gestures and well. i do think jinyoung has a bit of a problem with that! or maybe not problem... but it's something he should definitely work on i feel like. or maybe it's just the way korean actors are expected to act? i honestly don't know, but sometimes i feel like some facial expressions or gestures or whatever are too exaggerated which kinda reinforces the fact that it's really just acting, you know? idk if that makes sense but yeah. in that sense i think jinyoung definitely has room for improvement!

that said, i absolutely adore his character!!! I LOVE LEE AHN, his dumbness, not being able to pronounce words right, his random english, SINGING ALONG TO TWICE!! lmfao i swear if got7 don't tease him for that. i just about died at that scene, he was so cute!!! it's actually one of my fave scenes from these last two episodes, along with the one where his high school friend as the owner of the gas station fails to calculate 31 minus 8 or whatever that was lmfao that was relatable as hell, i laughed so hard. OHH and the scene in episode three that is a flashback of lee ahn, where he fights those boys and later on his way home finds that abandoned puppy. ugh ugh ugh, i loved that! why is jinyoung so good at dramatic and sad scenes................... my heart

i love all the scenes where lee ahn, his noona and hyung spend time together. watching episode four, i actually realized that's one of my favorite aspects of this drama. i am an absolute sucker for the "found family/family of choice" trope and this drama does it sooo well, it's delightful. i'm gratefully gonna take and enjoy every scene of them all together because i know it's not gonna last for long lmfao i have a feeling sungmo is gonna fuck it up soon. i trust him but i also don't trust him. i only trust him because lee ahn trusts him actually lmfao. i know he's gonna end up breaking lee ahn's heart at some point.

omg WHY do i have so many thoughts it's just a dumb kdrama lkhfjklhgfgfhlg
camouflagecat 23rd-Mar-2019 10:53 am (UTC)
I love how your comment just basically mirror exactly how I feel as well lmao I feel like the intricacies of the mystery plot are getting lost on me so I'm just following along until it's all revealed to me lol.

I think the things that throws me off in kdramas that a lot of the emotional charging(?) in the scene is done like in an anime or something, they're really indulging in it to the point it's just over-the-top. Sometimes less is more y'know?

It was prob with me re: over-acting in kdramas lol. When this drama was initially announced I remember hoping it wouldn't be a comedy because I thought that was Jinyoung's weakest forte with him falling more easily into over-acting (or then he's doing just a fine job at it by kdrama standards but I personalty just don't like it). I think he does a much better job at the little nuances pf Ahn's character, like when Ahn says something stupid/wrong and then tries to save face, Ahn teases his friends over something, or the more serious moments when he's supposed to show restraint anger/sadness or something like that. Ahn's character is actually super versatile in that regard imo and Jinyoung does well in portraying all of that (and then ofc he's very good at the emotionally charged scenes but we knew that already).

I don't know why Ahn trust Sungmo when he abandoned him at the orphanage?? Or maybe we haven't heard the whole story yet but there's definitely a lot to question in the brother's character. Or maybe Ahn just depends on him because he's the only "family" he has (noooo poor Ahn, ia I feel like he's gonna get his heart broken) ;__;

I'm mostly the most interested in the romantic aspect of the drama asdfg at least that one is the easiest to follow along even if it has mostly been just teasing and nothing else lol (I can't believe they baited us with that pretend-kiss and then just gave us nothing in return asdfgh)

Ahn is so embarrassing sometimes asdfgh (have strength Jaein lol)

PS. Ahn singing TWICE: omg t annoyed me so much when he was singing along OFF-SYNC asdfghj I know he's not supposed to be a professional singer but how can you not even be on beat??
snowphone 23rd-Mar-2019 06:50 pm (UTC)
i'm actually enjoying this a lot more than i thought i would....? i'm like excited for the next episode and not just because of jinyoung. like obviously the plot is OTT but i usually find kdramas with crime/police elements are like really unrealistic, often to the point that i have to drop the series, but i'm still here for this drama and i think it's mainly because i like the characters and their interactions.

bad things:
- usual kdrama stuff like excessive flashbacks
- jinyoung's perm when he was a rebellious teen
- tired tropes: childhood meetings, orphans
- time skips. this one pissed me off but seeing jinyoung supposedly older hit me like a goddamn brick wall, like holy shit is he ever attractive as hell. i'm a little taken aback by my own thirst.
- lack of police procedure realism.
- daebong being like "at least he didn't use his golf club!" re: his dad hitting him and it's totally glossed over

good things:
- lee an is genuinely a really fun character and refreshing. i like that he's dumb and sweet -i love dumb male characters. i like that he has a really good personality already so his character growth in this series is to hone his psychometric skills and to become a good policeman or w/e, instead of going from being kind of an ass to a nice guy (like the asshole that is ~changed~ by love male character)
- i like that the characters basically already love each other from like ep 2. i feel like it makes me more invested in their relationship.
- the dynamic between an and jaein is good.
- i like that we had these expectations that jaein would be an amazing cop by now and she's in this dinky little station.

lol things:
- the prosecutor brother has been independently working on this arson case for god knows how long and he's still flipping through a goddamn powerpoint (probably made by him) with basic facts about the case and stupid questions typed on the screen like "who killed so & so?" and like a picture of a chain. i'm imagining him googling "chain" and searching until he found a good one and copy and pasting it into his powerpoint for only his use.
snowphone 23rd-Mar-2019 06:51 pm (UTC)
the end of ep 4 made me really concerned that an's hyung is going to be a love rival.
minah_aplus 25th-Mar-2019 12:26 am (UTC)
I was gonna comment in the first discussion post, but I'll just say it here. I'm also definitely showing my Got7 bias by commenting so in depth in a kdrama post.

I was honestly a little bit apprehensive of Jinyoung's character in this drama. I thought he'd be this silent/gloomy/brooding type (I think that's what Kim Bum's character was in Psychometry). But I loved that he turned out to be this rambunctious, silly high school kid with sweater paws who doesn't have full control of his ability. It makes for a lot of funny scenes like the one in the autopsy room in the first episode.

I probably read this somewhere but I also love that that carefree attitude is how he has dealt with the tragedies in his life, (whereas the female lead has coped her life in a totally different way). I don't know, its just...refreshing? And since all the other things I've seen Jinyoung in (which is not alot) he's playing a...darker, more dramatic character?
Anyways, having him play this type of character has made him easy to watch. I am biased, so not sure if my comment will matter much but...even though he does give off a newbie vibe, I don't know how to explain it, like his acting is still green...I think he's doing well. His eyes are so expressive, and his subtle change in facial expression, which again, still could improve, are (again) making his scenes easy to watch

Hope that answered OP's question. One more thing, I love love love the dynamics between everyone! I could watch LeeAhn bumble around in the autopsy room all day, with his brother, the detective, and the doctor shaking their heads at him for failing again and again. And LeeAh and Jeain are adorable together.
myungung 25th-Mar-2019 03:35 am (UTC)
a little late to the discussion post as I just caught up with ep4 yesterday.

I like that the show is not very serious in general, but yet has some mystery behind it. I would definitely want to see more of Lee An x hyung interactions (LOL @ the shower scenes though).

Jinyoung's natural in his character, and it's good to see him cute and goofy, as opposed to torn soul. he also looks much better in time jump than high school student!
donaldjdrumpf 31st-Mar-2019 06:03 am (UTC)
The shower scenes are perfect and there needs to be more. My only qualm is that Jinyoung's first shower scene maybe should've waited until the time warp and he was older and more glowed up!
ty 11th-Apr-2019 08:52 am (UTC)
Thank you for these posts. i am behind because i had surgery, so i am so happy to see 60 comments
camouflagecat 11th-Apr-2019 09:32 am (UTC)
I didn't realize this post got so many comments asdfghj but the discussion has been fun in all the posts lol, the plot moves so fast so there's always so much new shit to discuss and some of us got A Lot Of Feelings okay lol
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