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Everything Has A Price, Even Free Hugs

F.cuz members hospitalized!

Bad news for all you fans expecting F.cuz to debut! Every single F.cuz member was taken to the E.R. due to exhaustion.

This news coming with only a few more days until their official debut on January 8th is terrible news indeed.

A quick review of what happened:

On January 2nd, F.cuz held their Free Hug event at Dong Dae Mun in Seoul. The event proved to be very popular and fans came from all over Korea in the freezing cold weather to get a hug. The entire district was shut down for a while because of the sheer amount of people who came.

The event lasted an hour and the members took the time to hug their fans personally until the end of the event.

Sadly, this event coupled with preparation for their debut led to extreme exhaustion and the members had to be taken to the E.R. to receive a shot of Ringer’s solution (what Ringer's solution is/used for).

A representative of the group said, “The members are overly passionate about their debut stage performance and they have been practicing every night until late, to the state of complete exhaustion. On the day of the Hug Event, the cold weather had been harsh and this resulted in their extreme exhaustion. We looked for a hospital and they received their treatment.” “With their debut approaching, we will check on the members’ health conditions and do our best. Perhaps a silver lining on this is that this happened before their debut.”

Hopefully they’ve recovered fully so they’ll be ready to get down as “JIGGY” will be released on the 8th of January!

Source:allkpop and sOpHiA* @fcuzed forums
Tags: debut, f.cuz, health, wtf
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