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Grandpa goes viral with "Crazy" cover

A man, 77, has wowed millions of people by performing his age-defying "Crazy" gig on a televised singing contest.

Ji Byung-soo belted out K-pop diva Son Dam-bi's up-tempo song "Crazy" on the March 24 episode of KBS TV's "National Singing Contest." He danced awkwardly to the song, but the performance went viral on major social media platforms. The clip of Ji's jaw-dropping act has garnered nearly 2 million YouTube views in only three days. "I realize my popularity," Ji said on Tuesday. "I love singing, regardless of genres. It was also rewarding to entertain people."

Son, who released the song in 2008, thanked Ji for singing it. In a show of appreciation, Son uploaded a clip of her dancing to the song and a thank-you message on her Instagram Wednesday. "I have prepared the 'response dance' to thank him for his enthusiasm," she wrote. "Please stay healthy and live long, grandpa ― I was surprised to see you dancing right on the beat."

Ji said he looks forward to performing with Son.

He was really feeling it! And he did another song at the end of the video, I don't recognize it.

sources: The Korea Times & KBS my K 1 2
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