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Taeyeon admits she had trouble relating to the lyrics of "Four Season"

On the 27th, Taeyeon revealed on Instagram that she couldn't relate to the lyrics of her latest song until she realized that it was actually about her career.

At first, I couldn't identify at all. I thought it wasn't my story. And I forced myself to adjust. Even though I put in effort. Still I felt my experience and background was different. But now as I listen to "Four Seasons", what suddenly comes to mind is that it's (this song could be about) music, that took up the greatest importance in my life up to the point I turned thirty, and my story. It's about my current state and how I fought and loved music and songs that have accompanied me forever. Something like that.

Not obvious words like "I'm married to music" but truly making music and singing, and all of the emotions that I felt is distilled exactly as is, so now I think "Four Seasons" is totally my song. My feeling right now is truly peculiar. Thankfully, I can sing it sincerely.

sources: @taeyeon_ss via @taengstagram, trans by @sonexstella 1, 2, 3
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