10:24 pm - 03/28/2019


Produce X101 will premiere on Friday, May 3rd!

Keum Donghyun of C9 Entertainment

Lee Jaebin of C9 Entertainment

Kim Dongbin of MLD Entertainment

Choi Jinhwa of Wuzo Entertainment

Kim Joonjae of THINK ABOUT Entertainment

Kim Sihun of Brand New Music

Yoon Junghwan of Brand New Music

Hong Seongjun of Brand New Music

Lee Eunsang of Brand New Music

Kim Dongkyu of Urban Works

Kim Minseo of Urban Works

Byeon Seongtae of Urban Works

Hong Sunghyun of Urban Works

Gwon Huijun of Cre.Ker Entertainment

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torontok 29th-Mar-2019 08:04 am (UTC)
Haknyeon's face in that video lmao, he's definitely nhft
snowphone 29th-Mar-2019 02:12 pm (UTC)

keum donghyun
didn’t really make a strong impression on me besides the fact that he has weak vocals lol

lee jaebin
seems awkward and i like that. am i just trash for traditional Korean stuff????? decent voice

kim dongbin
apparently this guy was in s2

choi jinhwa
he has a basketball game tomorrow and he can actually dance!

kim joonjae
magic tricks

kim sihun
i want that coat

yoon junghwan
i like his video concept

hong seongjoon

lee eunsang

kim dongkyu
cute but i really didn't need any information about his thighs

kim minseo
why is he prettier than me

byeon seongtae
bless his heart he’s been a trainee for so long

hong sunghyun
i like dancers with contemporary background and he seems like he might actually be able to sing but i hate his impersonation asdjihfasdhfbsdj

gwon huijin
i'd be curious to see him dance since he says he can. sounds like he has weak vocals.
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