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eeteuk & yoona new year messages

With the first day of 2010 upon us, Super Junior’s Leeteuk and SNSD’s Yoona have sent us their new year greetings courtesy of SM Entertainment.

Both Super Junior and SNSD have achieved great success respectively this year, so let’s hear what they got to say about 2009 and their goals for the new year.


I still can’t forget the moment when it was announced that we were the Daesang winners at the 2009 Golden Disk Awards. 2009 will be an unforgettable year for me because of that. 2009 was also a year where me and the other members worked the most (performances). It was also a meaningful year because Sorry, Sorry got a really good response from everyone. With that song, we are finally able to dispel the saying that ‘We are big on popularity but have no hit song to talk about‘.

I ain’t sure if it’s because of the successes that we have obtained in 2009. I feel that only good things will happen in 2010. Super Junior will work even harder this year and we hope that everyone will stay healthy and achieve good results in your studies/work.


We are very grateful for all the love that everyone has showed us in the past year. We won’t forget the support for Gee and Tell Me Your Wish also.

It was a really unforgettable 2009 for us but we won’t be harping on that anymore. With 2010 upon us, we will start again with the mentality of a rookie and set off again. We have already set a goal to give our fans an even better song than Gee and more exhilarating performances than before. All our members are united as one with regards to this. We hope that everyone will have a great and prosperous year ahead, together.


Some of the translations look so weird with the slang, but happy new year! :D
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