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Omona's Pick: 2019 1st Quarter Kpop Favorites

As March draws to a close, I thought it would be fun to have a post to discuss our favorite Kpop releases throughout the first quarter of the year. Feel free to talk about your favorites including but not limited to:
- title songs or b-sides
- MV/visual concept
- live performances
- choreography
- etc.
You can rank them or just list them randomly (ranks are fun though, just see this Kpop songs ranking post).

Here are my personal favorites in order of release:

Chungha - Gotta Go
The rising Kpop queen delivers another bop.

ASTRO - All Night
The song, the choreo, the outfits, all combine to give an elegantly sensual vibe.

Taemin - Want
So hot he has to say it twice: HOT HOT. (TW for snakes)

Itzy - Dalla Dalla
Didn't expect to enjoy this so much but here I am. I love myself!

DIA - Woowa
A fun new addition to my exercise playlist.

KARD - Bomb Bomb
They're wildin' all day all night and drippin' like faucet. Also I love that thumbnail.

Source: MNH Entertainment, ASTRO, SMTOWN, jypentertainment, 1theK, KARD
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goshipgurl 31st-Mar-2019 06:26 pm (UTC)
My faves so far (according to my Last.Fm) are:

- Taemin - Want (by far!!!)
- Shaun - Bad Habits
- Anda - What are you waiting
- Taeyeon - Four Seasons
- Hwasa - Twit
scionofawhisper 31st-Mar-2019 06:31 pm (UTC)
I've been kinda obsessed with Park Bom's Spring Day and Shameful. They keep getting stuck in my head, and it's a good thing.. :D

Oh and I loved Winwin's chereo to a fka twigs song

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vintage_boom 31st-Mar-2019 06:34 pm (UTC)
oh dear there's been too many I've liked. But these are the titles from this quarter I'm still listening to today without skipping:

Ryeowook - Drunk In The Morning
APINK - %%
SF9 - Enough
Taemin - Want
Hwasa - Twit
Monsta X - Play It Cool (there's an MV for it now it counts)
LOONA - Butterfly

out of those the best MV and Choreo is Taemin's. LOONA's choreo a close second.
lostintheechoes 31st-Mar-2019 07:37 pm (UTC)
YES @ Ryeowook! i love that song!
benihime99 My fave so far31st-Mar-2019 06:43 pm (UTC)
DALsooobin - Katchup
HYOMIN - Allure
CLC - 'No'
CODE KUNST(Feat. Lee Hi) - XI
snowphone 31st-Mar-2019 06:50 pm (UTC)
in no particular order:

chungha - gotta go
apink - eung eung
sf9 - enough
jus2 - focus mini
sunmi - noir
red velvet - sappy
wooseok & guanlin - i'm a star
txt's debut album
taemin - want
clc - no
clc - i like it
wjsn - la la love
wjsn - you got

newer releases so who knows what will happen with them:
heize - she's fine (album)
pentagon - sha la la
taeyeon - four seasons
adenar 31st-Mar-2019 07:01 pm (UTC)
Weirdly, not a lot initially came to mind as a standout release for me this year, so I had to go back through wikipedia's '2019 in south korean music' page lmao. Anyway here's my list, in no particular order (I also liked Dalla Dalla and Want but I won't rehash them):


Honestly this was such a strong release and it got really, really slept on, though it is so far their best selling release. I had felt like Junghee had got into a slump during Where Are You From? promotions but she really brings it with this, and Gaeul is always a standout. I just got my copy in the post (i funded it through makestar) and it is one of the most gorgeous kpop albums that's not from a Big 3 type agency. I've enjoyed everything that Favorite have put out, I think their agency is just struggling to quite figure out what their identity is.

[la la love, q&a, shadow, like it]WJSN - LA LA LOVE

I really like this potential direction for WJSN! I felt like their magical girl theme was getting very generic with Save Me, Save You (i liked it but have you heard the instrumental? it sounds...budget) whereas this takes them in a fun, interesting direction that keeps their magical identity while also bringing in the feeling of their brighter releases, which is a nice breath of fresh air. The choreography is also lovely, I love the point dance.


This surprised me honestly, while I loved the M/V and the choreography and the styling, the song itself didn't necessarily stick out to me but BY GOD did the chorus dig itself into my head. The videogame-y concept fits them a lot better than it did AOA (i'm still not sure why fnc tried that). I think it added a little something to the scene and also shows a lot of potential for an identity that stands out amongst other girl groups. I'm excited!


This is THE b-side! Honestly feel like this could have just as easily been a lead track. It's just so big and so dramatic and so perfect. His voice is so great here. The arrangement is wonderful.


This is another one that I think could have been a title track. For CLC it follows very strongly the legacy of Hobgoblin/Black Dress but I think it does it without the slightly experimental parts of No (i.e the spoken bit, the sudden dance break that breaks the flow of the song and ends it prematurely). Would they have done better with this song? I don't know, potentially not, we'll never know. It's the song from the mini that's lasting the test of time for me though. This is one of CLC's most satisfying dance practises with Black Dress though, you can literally hear their shoes on the floor in unison.

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carmine_pink 1st-Apr-2019 01:45 am (UTC)
Ah I forgot about Shadow but totally agree with what you said here.
belintuchiha 31st-Mar-2019 07:04 pm (UTC)
All of dreamcatcher tbh
timetobegin 31st-Mar-2019 07:10 pm (UTC)
Faves so far:

Chunga - Gotta Go
Apink - Eung Eung
Gfriend - Truly Love/It's You (it's been a long time since I enjoyed an album of theirs start to finish, but I really like this one)
Cherry Bullet - Violet
CLC - No (changed my icon for this ICONIC)
Taemin - Want/Artistic Groove
Hwasa - Twit
Yukika - Neon
Sunmi - Noir
R.Tee/Anda - What You Waiting For
Taeyeon - Four Seasons
infj23 31st-Mar-2019 07:13 pm (UTC)
Best Surprise: Hwasa's Twit. I still can't stop listening to it.

Best OST: Ahn Ji Yeon's Lost from The Smile Has Left Your Eyes.

Best Song: Esna's Spoon. R&B at it's finest.

Best Debut: TXT's Crown.

Best Choreography: TXT's relay dance performance and LOONA's Butterfly

Best Comeback: Park Bom's Spring.

Best Video: Sunmi's Noir.
lostintheechoes 31st-Mar-2019 07:36 pm (UTC)
Taemin - Want
KARD - Bomb Bomb
Monsta X - Rodeo
Monsta X - Play It Cool
Ryeowook - Drunk in the Morning
Hwasa - Twit

donaldjdrumpf 31st-Mar-2019 08:07 pm (UTC)
TXT Crown is truly amazing. Here's one of my fave performances where Soobin looks so good. People need to realize how cute and charming he is!

Here's a video of Soobin cheering for his own aegyo, being a cute hyung and playing with puppies

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hpn88 31st-Mar-2019 08:49 pm (UTC)
Taemin - Want (i only watch the choreo versions cause snakes are gross)
Jus2 - Focus and the whole mini and their ost Take
(if the Focus MV does get some prize for best editing everyone is blind)
Sunmi - Noir
Hwasa - Twit
Baek Yerin whole mini because QUEEN of vocal performance
SKZ - Miroh (that drop) and Maze of memories (cause the rappers killed it)
Sik-K Fl1P (Spotify led me to this and its so good)
Everglow - Bon bon chocolat
lydzi 31st-Mar-2019 08:56 pm (UTC)
So far song wise and mv wise my top5 are: Taemin - Want; BTS - Map of the soul: persona intro; Sunmi - Noir, Dreamcatcher - Piri and TxT - crown.

I liked allright Senorita from G-Idle but their previous titles were stronger so I'm waiting for the next one. Taemin and Sunmi are just both the strongest when it comes to solo's. I'm just so impressed with their charisma and what they convey. Dreamcatcher is a true discovery, I love it. The choreo is amazing, thegirls are on point and the title song is one of the strongest from 2019 as for now. TxT didn't let us down and Crown makes me happy. The hype with Namjoon's intro is real. I'm usually not keen on anticipating albums in particular, I never pre-order anything because I need to listen to everything, no matter how much I love the band. But I have to admit, I was this close to pre-order because how much I loved that intro. I still didn't do it but yeah, it was *that* good.
Monsta X is really solid nowadays, also I have to admit I'm quite in love with Yugyeom and JB's duet. It's really great and they've been doing wonders together on stage. I love the mv too so there it is.
lydzi 31st-Mar-2019 08:57 pm (UTC)
I forgot to talk about Epik High's mv with IU. So pretty ;__;
cosmicdaze 31st-Mar-2019 09:22 pm (UTC)
chungha - gotta go
taemin - want
heize - she's fine
shaun - bad habits, terminal
sunmi - noir
epik high - in seoul, rain again tomorrow

the entirety of epik high's latest album is SO good, i listen to it all the way through at least once like everyday and i just bought the physical version of it recently too.

i'm also like embarrassingly obsessed w this season of pd101's main title track lmao
takeaxbreath 31st-Mar-2019 09:31 pm (UTC)
Astro- Role Play
Bambi- No Mercy
Apink- Push and Pull
Chungha- Gotta Go
ONF- We Must Love and Yayaya
Seventeen- Good To Me
Taemin- Shadow
Key- Cold
SF9- Fall In Love
GWSN- Bloom
Suran- Don't Hang Up
Stray Kids- Miroh
Block B Bastarz- If Not Me Who and Easy
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