9:31 am - 04/01/2019


source: United CUBE (CUBE Entertainment Official YouTube Channel) | 모바일 라이브 퍼프 PUFF

it's so cute how they're including Kino in everything
daceymormont 1st-Apr-2019 06:03 pm (UTC)
kino just bopping his head is so cute lol

really enjoying this comeback minus yuto's hair which i won't stop talking about because he looks like a goddamn fool
babyjenkski 2nd-Apr-2019 03:43 am (UTC)
All I can say is that Pentagon's choreos are creative and they're not that easy. Everybody dances well and they should be acknowledged for that. I believe its fruit of their hard work (can't forget Hongseok was called out before in Mix Nine for being a bad dancer who did not practice). I like the way that tall guys adjusts their moves to match everybody else's and Jinho making big movements to catch up with them.

Kino is so precious! It's so sad he wasn't able to join this comeback due to his injury. Kino (to me) may be one of the youngest but its like he has a big influence in the group (aside from him being the sensitive perfectionist) not just in making choreos or writing their songs but its like even the older ones have high regard for him.

Anyways...I love them hahahaha
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