8:04 pm - 04/01/2019

Omona's Pet Royalty

Omona first ever cutest pet competition has come to an end and the people (with clearly no taste in cats) have spoken.
Omona's fave pets are

The sweet Roo x

The lovely (but not as lovely as me) Lulu x

And the adorable Odeng x

Unrelated Kitty Proposal:

As a third (fourth) installment of the fluffy take over, I would like to get your opinion on a "woman of the month" serie.
The goal would be to have a post focused on one queen of the k-industry.
We would need a part based off facts: bio, debut, achievements...
And a part more personal to the writer of the post: dream comeback, dream concept, dream album, hidden gems (b-sides no one talks about)...

Names like BoA or Uhm jung Hwa come to mind. But also LE or Hyolyn
I realize this is a lot of work but if you're interested in writing a post like that PM me.

Kitty's note: as I will go on kittycation I won't be able to post for a while, but be sure to stay tune for our next contest: Best stage outfit.
And don't forget, every pet is perfect (especially me)

revedesnuages 1st-Apr-2019 10:46 pm (UTC)
And don't forget, every pet is perfect (especially me)

This is true and why I refrained from voting in the pet posts because I couldn't choose lol.

I like the idea of a Woman of the Month post! But I don't think I'd have time to do the proper research and write one. I think Cheetah would be a good one because she was hit by a bus and hospitalized, in a coma for a long time, she eventually recovered but lost her ability to sing, and she's said this experience has driven her in her career. Or IU for her philanthropy, especially helping out new artists.

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