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Celeb Five to perform at Australian comedy festival

Celeb Five has been invited to perform at the 33rd Melbourne International Comedy Festival in April.

The self-styled comic-themed K-pop girl group's average age is most likely the highest in the category with the youngest aged 35 and the oldest 46. K-pop girl groups often have members in their teens.

The quartet will perform its flagship song "Shutter" on April 17 at "Upfront," a gala event of comediennes. The group will also be involved in "Very Big Laugh Out" and "Festival Club" events on April 19.

"We feel like taking our first step to our dream of appearing on the U.S. talk show, 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show,'" team leader Kim Shin-young said. "I look forward to seeing how people overseas will react to our gig."

The quartet will be the third Korean group to have performed at the festival, one of the world's three most recognized comedy festivals. The others are the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in the U.K. and Just For Laughs in Canada.

Bridget Bantick, an associate director, invited the group after seeing it at the Busan International Comedy Festival in 2018. The group gained plenty of fans among the audience of 2,800 with a performance of "I Wanna Be a Celeb," its debut track.

Bantick said it was exciting to have the group perform at the Melbourne festival.

Celeb Five, originally composed of Kim Shin-young, Ahn Young-mi, Shin Bong-sun, Song Eun-i and Kim Young-hee, debuted in 2018. But Kim Young-hee left in August.

source: The Korea Times & 1theK
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