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Sope Announces Disbandment and Jin Phones a Giant Shrimp

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It's been 84 years.gif since the last Hwagae Market vlive, and Suga and J-Hope have taken this opportunity to announce that they are disbanding...and reuniting tomorrow. They also read a (fake) cue sheet for their next Muster containing the National Anthem, 2! 3!, Spine Breaker, Paldogangsan, Skool Luv Affair, Piep Piper, Tomorrow, Ddaeng, and We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2. RM makes a short cameo in a 알엠 (RM) hat.

As per the tradition of every April Fool's Day, BTS has decided to troll their 18 million followers by changing the display picture, bio, and header of their shared twitter account:


Source: BTS V Live Channel, @BTS_twt
Translation source: @doolsetbangtan 1 and 2
Tags: bts, disbandment, lolz, v app

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