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2NE1: Looking back at 2009

“Edgy” 2NE1, will they continue their “big hit” trend in 2010?

2009, a year when girl power swept through the Korean music scene, a 4 member girl group, 2NE1, with a different concept than [of the] typical girl group came into the Korean Music scene.

In 2009 new girl groups such as 4minute, Secret, Rainbow, F(x), T-ara, etc debuted saying that they would ‘appeal [the public] with a different color than that of the typical girl groups [of the past]’ but none of them have been able to show as much difference as 2NE1.

2NE1 was not to be belittled from the start. These girls were a hot topic on the internet café’s with the title “female Big Bang” long before they debuted. And on top of that, this female idol group was created by Big Bang’s company, YG Entertainment.

Each member also gained much attention. Sandara Park (27 years old) was as famous [in the Phillippines] known to be the ‘Philippine Boa’, Park Bom (27 years old) worked together with Lee Hyori and Lee Junki during the AnyCall CF. The youngest Gong Minzy (17 years old) gained attention by being the granddaughter of a [famous] Korean traditional dancer Gong Ok-Jin and although young, CL (20 years old) the leader called much attention [to herself] by having superior rapping skills.

Pretty? Cute? 2NE1 is ‘cool’

The first time the four members of the group 2NE1 were seen together was during last year March at the “Lollipop” MV with Big Bang. These girls showed their eye-catching charms in the “Lollipop” MV and even before they formally debuted became phone CF models.

And then in April, with the release of their first single ‘Fire’ they formally entered into the Korean Music industry. YG’s main producer and 1TYM member, Teddy, wrote and composed the song ‘Fire’ which had a reggae, fast hip-hop, and an edgy feel to it which left quite an impression.

On stage, 2NE1 received comments more like “so much charisma”, “they are so powerful” rather than “Pretty”, “Cute”, “Adorable”. Leader CL’s unusual charisma for her age and youngest Minzy’s powerful dance moves took over the stage.

And not even a month after their debut, 2NE1 took first place in music programs. Following that, their mini album “I Don’t Care” released in July swept first place(s) and continued their ‘bit hit’ trend. “I Don’t Care” is a medium tempo, R&B pop song that showed a softer side of 2NE1 to their fans.

2NE1 also increased their popularity with a guerilla/pirate show “2NE1 TV” on MNet which showed them for 24 hours of a day. Especially, 2NE1’s willingness to show themselves with no special get up unlike the other girl groups gained them much fame and now they are one of the girl groups with more girl fans than boy fans.

2NE1’s rapid advance showed in the advertisement world as well. In one season 2NE1 modeled for cell phones, many Online shopping malls, ice-cream, sports wear brands, etc and soon became the advertisement word’s blue-chip. Advertising companies said 2NE1’s distinctive concept made them the most wanted.

2NE1 rose to the top of the Korean Music Industry with their distinctive colors/styles. And last November 21st at MAMA they made their name known. ---

On that day 2NE1 won 4 trophies; ‘Best New Female Artist’, ‘Best MV’, ‘Best Song’, and ‘Music Portal Mnet Award’. 2NE1 with [their 4 trophies] said ‘Thank you for this great stage and such great awards’ with tears of joy.

Four people, Four Colors….Solo activities too.

The first member of 2NE1 to start solo careers was Sandara Park. Sandara Park released a single “Kiss” last September and announced the start of her solo career. Although she did not take part in any music programs, [she] took first place in many. Also [she] got selected as a beer brand model and worked side by side with actor Lee Min-Ho and gained much attention with a sensational kiss [scene].

The second member was Park Bom. With an appealing voice and talent acknowledged [by others] Park Bom released her single ‘You and I’ last October, which she had dreamed of ever since entering as a YGtrainee.

After that, CL and Minzy ‘Please Don’t Go’ was released. Park Bom, CL and Minzy each swept up 1st places in music charts. 2NE1 set a record with all its member’s having successful solo careers not even 1year after their debut.

2010, 2NE1’s plans?

In 2010 Lee Hyori, Seven, Kim Jong-Gook, Yoon Mi-Rae, Yang-Pa, etc high quality solo artists will make a come back. Also the groups that raised much interest last year like 2PM, 2AM, Son Dambi, Seo InYoung, Kara, SNSD, Brown Eyed Girls will come back with new albums. 2NE1 is no exception.

The members of 2NE1, after being immersed in solo activities for a while, will come together again with their music and on stages for their fans. It will be interesting to see if 2NE1 will be able to get stronger within the Korean music industry which has become much tougher.

source: sstv
translated by: lovesong @ ygsecret21

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