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Burning Sons news round-up (03/04/2019)

Super Junior fans ask for clarification about rumours surrounding Kangin

A group of Super Junior fans is requesting clarification from SM Entertainment about Kangin’s rumored participation in chatrooms that shared illegal hidden camera footage.

On April 3, the online community “DC Inside Super Junior Gallery” released a statement requesting that SM Entertainment take an official position on the rumors.

Kangin’s name keeps surfacing in connection to the current controversies and scandals. This situation has caused us a lot of pain and we are releasing this request for clarification because we do not see a way out.

It is true that Kangin has disappointed his fans multiple times in the past due to his involvement in various controversies. But we would also like to share that there are many fans that continue to support him and cheer him on.

We want an official statement from SM Entertainment about the current situation, even if only to ensure that Super Junior D&E’s promotions do not suffer harm.

This statement is seemingly in response to the April 2 episode of SBS’s “Night of Real Entertainment,” which reported the names of some rumored members of Jung Joon Young’s KakaoTalk chatrooms: the model Lee Chul Woo, 2AM’s Jeong Jinwoon, and Super Junior’s Kangin.

At time of writing, Kangin had not released an official statement in response to these reports.

Seungri reportedly embezzled funds from Burning Sun

The latest report by Joongang Ilbo, released April 3, quotes a police source saying that some funds from Burning Sun were traced to bank accounts under different names, after which they were routed to Seungri.

According to the report, police found these suspicious accounts while tracking the flow of Burning Sun’s capital, after which they began a deeper investigation. They then summoned five individuals whose names were on the accounts and obtained testimony that “the accounts were used in relation to Seungri.”

Investigative authorities stated on April 2 that they suspect Seungri and the management of Burning Sun rerouted funds from the club not for tax evasion, but for personal use, and that the embezzled funds are tentatively estimated at tens of millions of won (approximately tens of thousands of dollars).

Previously, Seungri and former Yuri Holdings CEO Yoo In Suk were booked for embezzling from the club Monkey Museum.

A police source stated, “Though we can’t reveal specifics on the matter, we have already completed review of legal precedent in order to prove these crimes.”

Meanwhile, Seungri’s legal representative said, “We need to undergo questioning for these charges before we can release a statement.”

In addition to embezzlement, Seungri is under investigation for prostitution mediation, bribery, and sharing illegally taken footage.

Label SJ responds to reports of participation in group chat with Jung Joon Young

An official statement has been released regarding reports of Kangin participating in a group chat with Jung Joon Young.

On March 28, it was reported that another chatroom with Jung Joon Young included two other singers and a model, who were rumored to be cast members of the JTBC show “Hitmaker.”

The April 2 episode of “Night of Real Entertainment” mentioned these names to be Kangin, Jeong Jinwoon, and Lee Chul Woo.

In response, Label SJ shared the following statement about Kangin:

Hello, this is Label SJ’s statement regarding Kangin. It is true that he was temporarily in a chatroom with Jung Joon Young when starring in a variety show with him. The program was three years ago, so the chatroom no longer exists. Although he cannot remember what other cast members posted or had conversations about, Kangin says that he himself did not film or share illegal hidden camera footage at all. He has not been contacted by an [investigative] agency in regards to this, but if a request for cooperation is made, he will actively cooperate.

Roy Kim's agency releases official statement regarding questioning for chatroom participation

An official statement has been released regarding Roy Kim being reported to be in one of the chatrooms with Jung Joon Young.

On April 3, his agency Stone Music Entertainment shared the following statement:


This is an official statement regarding singer Roy Kim.

Roy Kim is currently pursuing his studies in the United States and is adjusting his schedule to return to Korea for questioning as soon as possible. Furthermore, he will diligently participate in the necessary questioning.

Thank you.

Sources: Naver (1, 2, 3), Joongang Ilbo, EDaily via Soompi (1, 2, 3, 4)
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