12:55 pm - 04/03/2019

SS501's Kim Hyung Jun to undergo police questioning following sexual assault allegations

SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun, who was previously accused of sexual assault, will be summoned for police questioning.

On April 3, a police source in charge of Kim Hyung Jun’s sexual assault case stated, “We are currently discussing the dates to summon Kim Hyung Jun for questioning. The date has not been confirmed yet. Also, if he does not agree to it, he cannot be forced to stand at the photo line (have photos taken by the press).”

On March 25, plaintiff A accused Kim Hyung Jun of sexually assaulting her in May 2010. On the April 2 broadcast of SBS’s “Entertainment Night,” she explained, “I met him at a bar around December 2007 when I had a part-time job there. In 2010, I heard [he] moved, but he came to my house drunk. He pat the sheets on my bed saying he would put me to sleep. He suddenly pressed on my arm, and I felt extremely humiliated.” She added that she received psychiatric treatment for the trauma caused by the incident.

Kim Hyung Jun and his agency denied all claims of sexual assault, saying that the relations were consensual. They emphasized that this happened nine years ago and stated that they plan to take legal action against her for false accusations and defamation.

Kim Hyung Jun will return to Korea to be questioned after completing his world tour “Master Piece” early next month.

Source: @soompi, Naver (1, 2, 3) via Soompi
lizanka23 3rd-Apr-2019 04:06 pm (UTC)
victim blaming much? what's done is done. she can't go back in the past and close the door on his ass. also someone being drunk doesn't make it more likely that they will assault someone

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921227 3rd-Apr-2019 05:35 pm (UTC)
I wasn't meaning it to come off that way, but I am Sorry it did.

Its just confusing. I wonder if other articles explain more because this one is very brief and just gives more questions than it does answers.
lizanka23 4th-Apr-2019 05:06 am (UTC)
ok you still commented about her letting in a guy who's drunk though but assaults don't only happen when a guy is drunk. being drunk loosens up your inhibitions a bit but that means that guy's desire to assault women was always there. that's not even mentioning the power dynamics at play with him being a celebrity. people react in all kinds of ways in that situation from fighting back to becoming completely frozen still. we're also not owed the whole account of what happened anyway since just talking about it can force a victim to relive their trauma and can lead to more people scrutinizing her story and looking for cracks in it. i think it's ok to just keep the complete story for the trial

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