6:38 pm - 04/03/2019

ASTRO - 花咲ケミライ (Hanasake Mirai) MV

ASTRO's debut Japanese EP, Venus, consists of:

1. Always You -Japanese ver.-
2. 花咲ケミライ (Hanasake Mirai)
3. Baby -Japanese ver.-
4. II愛してる (II Aishiteru)
5. All Night -Japanese ver.-
6. I‘m on Your Side

Source: ASTROofficialVEVO, iTunes
dantethetaco 3rd-Apr-2019 04:22 pm (UTC)
The change in aspect ratio was making me dizzy lmao I don't know what to think about the title song. But I really like I'm on Your Side. All Night is the one that sounds the best out of the Korean->Japanese ones. Also, all those japanese versions but no Crazy,Sexy,Cool. Are they saving it to be a single/title later or...?
existingisfunny 3rd-Apr-2019 05:16 pm (UTC)
love the album! ii aishiteru is a jam. the mv is eh, the album designs are terrible, i wish i could peak at fantagio's budget priorities. i did see them on their us tour and the graphic production was supreme!
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