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Lee Da-hae talks about The Slave Hunters co-star Jang Hyuk

Lee Da-hae, who portrays a runaway slave in the KBS drama The Slave Hunters, recalls a bizarre incident that happened right after filming a make out scene with Jang Hyuk.

Lee Da Hae

“I had a kiss scene with him in the drama Robber (Bulhandang) and I have one again in The Salve Hunters (Chuno). Right after doing the scene, he suddenly asked me, with utter seriousness: ‘What do you want to be in 10 years' time?’”

It looks like Jang Hyuk likes to surprise those around him with soul searching questions/ stories.

His other The Slave Hunters co-star also has a strange Jang Hyuk story to tell.

Oh Ji-ho said: “I ate with him after shooting an action scene then I had to talk with him about life for the next two hours. It was difficult because I was tired and also sleepy after the meal.”

To which Kim Soo-ro interjected: “Two hours is nothing! I worked with him in Volcano High for almost a year and he told me life stories all the time!”

Oh Ji Ho

So what does Jang Hyuk have to say about his quirky behaviour? While he admitted that he is a serious person, he also added: “I only did that to be closer to you guys.”

The celebrities talked about this during the KBS 2TV programme Happy Together: Season 3.

Catch the quirky Jang Hyuk and his fellow co-stars Lee Da-hae and Oh Ji-ho in The Slave Hunters, which will be airing on KBS World on Feb 3 at 9pm.

Source: MSN News
Via: kpopped
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