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Who are the idols whose eyesmile will melt away the ultimate cold?

When you first meet another, the person's eyes are usually the first thing you look at. Eyes therefore play a big part in creating the first impression of oneself. And the eyesmiles are ones which make these eyes more beautiful and lovelier. We gathered 4 idols whose eyesmiles make our heart flutter the most. They're SNSD's Tiffany, F(x)'s Sulli, Big Bang's TaeYang and 2PM's Nikhun.

Of course, the original eyesmile queen is Lee Hyori. Following her steps, is SNSD's Tiffany. Tiffany does not only smile alot on the stage but in her everyday life as well. Her eyesmile makes every men's heart flutter, and last year, she was also voted as the idol who matches spring best.

And we can't forget F(x)'s Sulli's eyesmiles. Sulli pleases us all with her cute and refreshing image and dance steps on the stage, showing us her endless eyesmiles. When she smiles, one of her eyes closes more so viewers commented with aegyo that she keeps winking. Her cute eyesmiles is definitely a point that makes her lovlier.

Not only are the female idols capable of providing us with these warmth of eyesmiles. When it comes to eyesmiles, we can leave out Big Bang's TaeYang and 2PM's Nikhun.

Tae Yang's who is always overflowing with charisma on the stage, shows us a different charm of his during talk shows or interview by giving us his eyesmiles. Tae Yang with his eyesmiles is always cute and lovable. His charisma on the stage and eyesmiles off the stage, shows Tae Yang's double charm.

The handsomeboy Nikhun likewise makes his female fans marvel over his eyesmiles. His fair face with big eyes, gentlemanly manners, on top of these his endless eyesmiles in between his talks, causes many of his females fans to say "I won't be able to sleep because of those smiles". Nikhun's to emit his charms on the screen as well. We're anticipating his eyesmiles that will capture the movie fan's attraction.

Source: Stoo.com
Shared& translated by: blackcider @aff(x)tion forums
Tags: 2pm, big bang, f(x), girls generation, nichkhun, poll, taeyang, tiffany
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