adenar (adenar) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

Kang Xiwon - Click Click Music Video

Kang Xiwon (Siwon) placed 36th in Produce 101, losing in the eighth episode by one rank to Lee Suhyun who went on to place 13th. She was signed to Dream T immediately after, then was announced as a member of predebut group UNI, and is now debuting solo under TNK.

source: 1theK, Mnet Official (2), THE K-POP : SBS PLUS, KBSKpop

i'm honestly really happy to see her FINALLY debut (yu sua next!) and her skills have skyrocketed which is awesome but i have a lot of questions for this 'sohn jisoo' who directed this low budget mess of a video, and for whoever picked this song
Tags: debut, music video, nugu, produce 101 alumni

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