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Jo In Sung Opens Up About Being Arrogant In The Past & The Future Hardship His Girlfriend Will Get

-Said that the actor Jo In Sung isn't advantageous in his real life, & says that it might be overwhelming to his partner when it comes to dating too.
-Also says that people think he can meet girls easily but it's not like that. He said that a relationship with no pressure will be better for his partner.
-Basically if someone wants to be his girlfriend they'll have a hard time because he's Jo In Sung, and that there's nothing he can do if he continues to fight against such things and continue to overcome.
-Meanwhile his fans don't care and want that 'hard life'. Do you think he will end up with a celeb or a someone not in the industry Omona? Or do you want that Hard life as well?

-On his role in The Great Battle: “Actually, I rejected [the role in ‘The Great Battle’] thrice, not twice. I thought it was impossible. How could I be a general? Actually, actors with looks like mine are not generals. The public had fixed ideas about the leader of historical projects, and that’s why I refused many times. Then I realized I was trying to escape. I wanted to do it, but I was avoiding it. So I made up my mind, and I’ve come this far since then.”

-On his debut 20 years later: “I didn’t like leaders who were always pushy and solemn. I thought about that a lot as I grew older and became the eldest at gatherings and came to play the role of a leader on set. I thought that I want there to be freedom at my table, that I want there to be an atmosphere where people could talk without having to be asked a question.”

-On being arrogant in the past: “I just didn’t show my arrogance, but I was actually arrogant. It was until about five years ago. Then I completely woke up. I didn’t realize what was important. How do I put it now? I think I’m not in a bad [place]. It’s so important that nothing is happening at this moment. Nothing is happening to me right now. That’s happiness. My parents are healthy. My younger brother is fine. I’m working hard. Regardless of the outcome of this moment, I am happy to say that this isn’t the worst case scenario.”


MBCentertainment I By way of: Nate News I Soompi I By way of: Naver
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