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Burning Sons news round-up (10/04/2019)

Hwang Ha Na revealed to have allegedly bribed friend to take blame in past drug case

Hwang Ha Na has been revealed to have allegedly bribed her acquaintance Cho to keep quiet about her own drug usage.

On April 8, MBC’s “Newsdesk” reported that it obtained an important testimony revealing why Hwang Ha Na was not punished for helping supply and administer drugs back in 2015. It was previously revealed that in September 2015, Hwang Ha Na was charged with violating the Narcotics Control Act under suspicions of taking 0.5 grams of Philopon (a form of methamphetamine) with a college student identified by their last name Cho. In June 2017, Jongno Police Station forwarded her case to the prosecution recommending non-indictment due to lack of evidence, and the prosecution disposed the case as “non-suspicion.” Meanwhile, Cho, who administered the drug with her, was taken to trial and sentenced to a punishment of two years and six months in prison that was suspended for three years.

According to the program, Hwang Ha Na and Cho had been joined by another person identified as Kim during that time. Kim’s acquaintance spoke to MBC and stated that all three of the attendees at this gathering had used drugs that day. Kim’s acquaintance also revealed, “Hwang Ha Na called Cho to her home around 8 p.m. KST, close to 9 p.m. KST. While handing her cash, [Hwang Ha Na] told [Cho] something along the lines of ‘You take the blame instead.'” Hwang Ha Na allegedly gave Cho 100 million won (approximately $87,424) in cash to hide the fact that she had used drugs as well. The condition was that Cho would carry the drug charges alone, in exchange for the money. Kim’s acquaintance added that Cho would often speak of receiving bags filled with money from Hwang Ha Na.

It was also revealed that during Cho’s ruling, Hwang Ha Na was reported to have administered shots of 0.16 grams of Philopon to Cho’s arm three times. According to an expert, however, 0.16 grams of Philopon is enough to administer to at least three or four adults. The expert further stated that .016 grams would most likely result in death by shock if administered to one person alone.

The police plan to summon Cho for questioning and investigate if she falsely testified that she used drugs herself after receiving money from Hwang Ha Na to cover up the incident.

In addition, police are investigating if Cho and Hwang Ha Na’s cases are related to ones tied to Burning Sun’s former CEO Lee Moon Ho and Burning Sun MD (promoter) Jo, who was arrested for drug-related charges. Lee Moon Ho, who has been suspected of violating the Drug Control Law, previously appeared on a television program as the boyfriend of Cho in 2011.

On April 4, Hwang Ha Na was arrested by the Drug Investigation Unit of the Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency for charges of injecting psychoactive drugs last year. She was detained on April 6 due to concerns that she would flee the country.

Police investigating reported conversations about drug use and fooling drug tests in group chatroom

According to an exclusive report by DongA Ilbo on April 8, police have found what appear to be several instances of slang referring to drugs in the group chatroom with Jung Joon Young, Seungri, and others.

Some of conversation includes the Korean word “meat” (gogi), which can be slang for marijuana, and the English word “candy” (kaendi), which is a term used for ecstasy. The members of the chatroom exchanged messages like “Want to have meat?” and “Let’s have candy today.” Though the messages in and of themselves are not incriminating, police are investigating with the possibility of the chatroom members having used drugs.

A source close to Jung Joon Young said to DongA Ilbo, “I saw chatroom messages from October 2016 saying “Let’s eat meat.” The source stated that one of their friends, who was a member of the chatroom, showed him the texts, saying, “Our friends call marijuana ‘meat.'” In another instance, the source said he heard one of the chatroom members say, “I had candy with my girlfriend.”

The source also said that around late 2016 and early 2017, the members of the chatroom shared different methods for passing drug tests, like repeated bleaching and coloring of hair to pass follicle tests and getting a lot of IV fluids to fool urine tests. At the time, one of the members of the chatroom had been arrested for marijuana use.

KBS temporarily restricts Jung Joon Young, Seungri, and Choi Jong Hoon from appearing on programs

KBS has decided to include Jung Joon Young, Seungri, and Choi Jong Hoon on their list of people who are restricted or banned from appearing on any shows associated with the channel.

A source from KBS stated, “The deliberation committee met late last month and came to the decision to temporarily restrict their broadcasted appearances.” In compliance with the rules of the committee that deliberates restrictions on broadcasted appearances, KBS can make the decision to warn, temporarily restrict, or ban celebrities from their programs if that celebrity has taken part in immoral actions that are deserving of public criticism.

However, the restrictions placed on Jung Joon Young, Seungri, and Choi Jong Hoon are not permanent. If they are cleared of their charges or once they have spent an adequate amount of time in self-reflection, another committee hearing will be held on whether to lift the restriction.

Jung Joon Young was placed under arrest in March for filming and distributing videos containing hidden camera footage. Seungri has been booked for charges including prostitution mediation, violation of food sanitation law, spreading illegal footage, and embezzlement, while Choi Jong Hoon was booked for sexual assault from filming a sex video without consent. Eddy Kim and Roy Kim have also been booked on charges of spreading illegally taken photos.

Roy Kim's agency releases official statement regarding plans for police questioning

An official statement has been released following Roy Kim’s recent return to Korea.

On April 9, his agency Stone Music Entertainment shared the following statement:


This is a statement regarding the police questioning of singer Roy Kim.

Roy Kim returned to Korea today, and the scheduling is being figured out so that he can be questioned as quickly as possible.

The police will summon him after deciding the schedule, and he will diligently cooperate with questioning once he is informed of the schedule.

We express apologies for causing trouble to many people.

Thank you.

Roy Kim has been booked on suspicions of spreading illegally taken photos.

UPDATE: It is reported that the police stated that Roy Kim will be questioned as a suspect on April 10.

His agency has told news outlet TV Report, “We haven’t been contacted yet about the police questioning.”

Namyang Dairy Products releases another statement denying connection to Hwang Ha Na's affairs

On April 8, Namyang Dairy Products released another official statement that denied any involvement in Hwang Ha Na’s current affairs.

Hwang Ha Na is the only granddaughter of the founder of Namyang Dairy Products. When Hwang Ha Na first came under suspicion of using and distributing drugs, it was rumored that she had received favorable treatment during the investigation due to her chaebol connections.

On April 2, Namyang released a statement refuting these rumors and clarified that Hwang Ha Na had no relationship to the management of the company and that no one in her family had a job or any stock in the company.

On April 8, Namyang released another statement on their website that read:

Simply because she is the only granddaughter of our founder Hong Doo Young, our company’s name keeps coming up in connection to the public rage and resentment that Ms. Hwang Ha Na has incited with her recent actions. We regret the confusion and concern that this has caused to our consumers. Like everyone else, we hope that Ms. Hwang Ha Na will undergo an impartial trial and receive fair and severe punishment in accordance with her actions.

Neither Ms. Hwang Ha Na nor anyone in her family has shares in Namyang Dairy Products and they have nothing to do with our business affairs.

The executives and staff members of Namyang Dairy Products, who work towards the goal of producing quality products, would once again like to reassure consumers that Ms. Hwang Ha Na’s personal affairs has nothing to do with our company.

We promise to, as always, deliver quality products to consumers.

Thank you.

On April 8, MBC’s “Newsdesk” reported that Hwang Ha Na had allegedly bribed an acquaintance in 2015 in order to cover up her drug usage. Hwang Ha Na was arrested on April 4 by the Drug Investigation Unit of the Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency on suspicions of injecting psychoactive drugs last year.

She was detained on April 6 out of concerns that she might try to flee the country and she and her lawyer admitted to the drug usage. However, she also alleged that a celebrity friend had forced her to take drugs again recently after a 3-year period of abstinence.

Man who set off Burning Sun investigation says his mother was threatened

On the April 10 broadcast of CBS’s “Kim Hyun Jung’s News Show,” Kim Sang Kyo — the man who claimed in January that he was assaulted at the club Burning Sun, thus setting off “Burning Sun Gate” and a slew of criminal investigations involving celebrities and high-ranking police officials — spoke about the difficulties he and his mother have experienced due to the case.

He said, “It’s been really tough. There are so many problems, and not enough time to take care of them all. Witnesses, informants, and victims have to be revealed through the legal system, and there are things that the press has to know, so it’s been hard.”

When asked if there had been any external pressures for him not to speak out, he said, “That happened a lot. Burning Sun sued me, and I heard that they went to my mother and threatened her. The day after the first report was released with MBC on January 28, I told my mother that she did a good job through all of that. She supported me and said that I had to do this.”

Kim Sang Kyo added, “After that, she told me that people that looked like gangsters came to her saying that her son did something wrong, so we needed to settle. When my mother told me about this, I had such a heavy heart.”

Meanwhile, most recently in the “Burning Sun Gate” case, singer Roy Kim has returned to Korea for questioning after being booked for alleged distribution of illegally taken footage. Yesterday, Roy Kim’s agency released a statement saying that a schedule for the questioning was still being worked out.

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