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Real life F4 gets reality show?

After the huge success of Boys Over Flowers, it seems someone thought having a reality show following the lives of four real life rich flower boys would be a good idea. Coming soon to Korean cable channel On Style is Papa Rich (파파리치), which will follow the luxurious life of four young chaebeols. The four players in this show are: Eom Seong Mo, 25 the son of a medical family that owns several hospitals; Yoon Suk Min, 25 son of parents who own a financial group; Kim Hyung Woo, 21 grandson of the K Group; and Park Jae Young, 20 grandson of the M Company.

The show follows their life in which their family’s fortunes puts them in the top 1% of the Korean population in terms of wealth. They have allowances in excess of ₩20,000,000 ( yes, all those zeros are correct – about $20,000) a month, drive luxury foreign cars, and ‘hang out’ with friends in ways beyond what most of us are able to. The four are said to have different and interesting personalities and the show will follow all aspects of their life not just the happy and fun stuff, but also all the stress and difficulties they experience. They grew up going to all the upper class schools, leading somewhat sheltered lives, and have much pressure on them regarding their futures. Hmmm, talk about life imitating art. I wonder if one of them will fall in love with the plucky daughter of a dry cleaner, and then his mom finds out and goes ballistic, but then his best friend falls in love with her too?

If you’re interested in seeing a real life Boys Over Flowers, the debut episode will be on January 10th at 2:oo pm in Korea. Check out the preview of the show here, courtesy of wkfzldnj.

source: wkfzldnj@YT + seoulbeats
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