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PSY's Billboard interview about P-Nation

Read the full interview at Billboard.

Interview summary:

- He talks about how K-Pop is no longer domestic and how the world has changed since he debuted.

- That he created his company to share the things he's learned and create long succesful careers for his artists.

- He wants Jessi to do a pop song and to showcase her dancing skills. And talks about a future US debut/career for her.

- For Hyuna he wants her to do music that matches her strong performance style.

- Talks about HyuDawn.

- For E'Dawn he wants him to do hip-hop and pop music. And says that he didn't intend to sign him and shares why he ended up signing him.

- They have 20+ male and female trainees working to debut as boy/girl groups.

- On dating scandals: "For me, I don't like the word 'scandal' because if some men and women are dating, that's just dating."

Sources: Billboard
Tags: ex-group members, hyuna, interview, jessi, psy

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