11:01 pm - 04/10/2019

CLC’s Seungyeon, KARD’s Somin, And More To Compete To Become The “Next Beauty Creator”

A new kind of beauty variety show is headed our way.

On April 9, OnStyle revealed information about its variety program “Next Beauty Creator” where seven beauty influencers compete in a beauty content race.

After creating their own YouTube channels, the contestants will plan, direct, and upload one new video a week. Their content will be judged based on the number of views and subscribers, and whoever gets first place will become the “next beauty creator.”

Each of the seven contestants posted a video on their channels on April 9 at 5 p.m. KST to announce the start of the competition.

View, like and subscribe for two lovely contestants: Seungyeon of CLC and Somin of Kard!

The other contestants are models Jang EunHong and Lee HeyJoo, Park Gilim, Riri Young and Yang Areum.

Source: naver via | 승몽이네 | Minny J 소민
aures 11th-Apr-2019 10:08 am (UTC)
oh good for them getting this job, i hope it will be a success!
tsubaki874 11th-Apr-2019 05:48 pm (UTC)
Seungyeon is so damn gorgeous. It's a shame she didn't have time to do her makeup herself for the video, but she still rocked her look all the same. Somin is so pretty, but I wish she didn't have so much blush on even though that's the style right now
snowphone 11th-Apr-2019 06:00 pm (UTC)
True, although i realized that I’m super interested in hearing tips from idols’ MUAs (I could sometimes guess what they were talking about in seungyeon’s)
tsubaki874 11th-Apr-2019 06:10 pm (UTC)
I feel ridiculous saying it, but I am easily threatened by MUAs and makeup enthusiasts because they are just so versatile with their techniques and styles. One of my close friends taught me the Elmer's glue eyebrow trick and he showed me his usual drag routine and I was shocked at how little "makeup" tools he actually used lmfao I was like no way in hell would I ever think of that or pull it off!
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