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snsd prepares to promote overseas?

In 2010, Girls' Generation will begin their first year for oversea promotions in full-scale.

In February they currently aim to release their new full length album and will now begin steps into Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and other Asian markets and is preparing for a full-scale advance.

2010 girls 'age' first year as overseas samgo began preparing for full-scale.*

"They will perform their album in both foreign and domestic areas and will have a great opportunity to meet new fans."</i> He continued to say that "We will start to move towards a larger goal."

Girls' Generation was voted the most likely to succeed in USA from a Korean website that surveyed 6146 people and in total 1768 people(28.77%) voted for SNSD and have high hopes for oversea expansion.

Last year the girls started with Gee and after Tell Me Your wish which caused a syndrome... Jessica made her musical debut, Yoona starred in Cinderella Man and Taeyeon's radio has been making more progress. There will more activities this year.

original source
translated by ☆Genie @ SSF

*I have no idea what this means. @_@; It sounds like it should be a reiteration of the first line? Idk.

This sounds more like they'll be promoting overseas with just the tour, but there's always that chance of a proper promotion in a country like Japan or China. I wonder where they'll go, if they do. My bets are on Japan, because I hear f(x) is supposed to be promoting in China. And at least Sooyoung speaks Japanese. xD
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