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Flashback Friday

It’s Friday! Every week I check out the charts for this day in the past and post the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we’re going back to the 2nd week in April, 2008. The top three have been posted before, so we’ll see some live performances. If you’re heading out to Indio, stay safe and hydrated! Actually, everybody stay safe and hydrated. Go drink some water.

#3 Mighty Mouth “I Love You”
One of the few songs from them I can identify at first listen lol. The original featured singer and actress Yoon Eun Hye, but she didn’t perform in any of the live stages. So here’s the duo doing the song with Solbi.

#2 Jewelry “One More Time”
Probably their most popular song, and it’s still so much fun! I still do the finger thing lol! I wanted to do a recent stage this time around. Last year the group reunited for “Sugar Man”, and performed the song. Baby J and Eunjung left the group in 2014, while Inyoung and Jungah left at the end of 2009…almost ten years now! I didn’t realize it was so long ago.

#1 Gummy “I’m Sorry”
I love this song, so I like any version of it. My favorite is probably the Japanese version though, I think Top’s rap sounds better in Japanese and I like the MV more. Anywho, here’s an acoustic jazzy live performance from a few years ago. She sounds so good, and I love it whenever she does the rap part lol.

Honorable Mentions

#5 Hwayobi “Men Don’t Know”
I can’t find the music video so here’s her comeback stage on Music Core. She sounds and looks good! Where is she? It’s been years since I’ve heard anything of her.

#7 Girls’ Generation “Baby Baby”
Babies! All these cute little bbs! This was the lead single off of their repackaged debut album. I think this is probably the earliest song that I can remember from them. The MV is a behind the scenes look from their promotions and other videos for the album.

source: MBCkpop 1 2, JTBC Entertainment, EBSCulture, SMTOWN & soompi
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