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Yoona confirmed for Family Outing 2

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SNSD YoonA, Actress Won Hee Kim, Actor Sang Hyun Yoon, and Comedian Sang Ryul Jee have finally confirmed to participate in Family Outing Season 2 (FO2)

Led by Jae Seok Yoo, Hyo Ree Lee, Jong shin Yoon, and Soo Roh Kim, FO Season 1 is planning its last episode around the mid of Feb. Following it, FO Season 2, with new members and format, is gradually confirming their new member line up.

By now, YoonA, Won Hee Kim, Sang Hyun Yoon, Sang Ryul Jee have agreed to join FO2. One of the administrators of FO2 has said that the members that are mentioned above have confirmed to join and rest of members are still undecided

TacYeon (2PM) and Bong Sun Shin are hesitating to respond due to the heavy and inevitable schedules.

FO1 is having its last shooting on 11th and 12th in Gang Gol town, Bosung, Jeonnam. In this episode, the ex members (Ye Jin Park, Chun Hee Lee, See Yeon Park) are joining the original members to celebrate their farewell journey

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