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Burning Sons news round-up (16/04/2019)

Seungri's side responds to accusations of him paying escorts at his birthday party in Palawan

The police have found evidence of Seungri paying a sum exceeding travel expenses to professional female escorts who attend his birthday party in Palawan, Philippines.

On April 14, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Provincial Special Detective Division secured records of financial transactions indicating that Seungri transferred a sum that exceeds regular travel expenses to the escorts.

The birthday party in question was held in December 2017 and attended by Seungri’s friends and foreign investors. It was reported that eight professional female escorts were invited as well.

On April 14, some of the women who had attended the party stated to the police that they had voluntarily entered into sexual acts with men at the party and were not instructed to do so by Seungri or anyone else. When suspicions were raised about Seungri paying for their travel expenses, Seungri stated that he had paid for all of the attendees and not just for the women suspected to be involved in prostitution.

However, the police suspect that this was a case of prostitution mediation as the women were not friends of Seungri. In addition, the escorts were paid a sum that is greater than the travel expenses, meaning that the additional amount may have been given in exchange for prostitution.

A source from the police stated, “We are open to all possibilities including requesting a pretrial detention warrant.” A pretrial detention warrant allows a prosecutor the right to put suspects or defendants in detention.

Meanwhile, the police are also also investigating additional allegations of Seungri providing prostitution services for a Japanese investor visiting Korea.

UPDATE: On April 15, the police held a press conference to reveal the progress of their investigations about the suspicions of prostitution mediation surrounding Seungri.

They stated, “We are investigating two people who went to Palawan with Seungri and checking the expenses by looking into their bank accounts. We have figured out how much [Seungri paid for the women’s] travel expenses, and we must look into it further to find out the source of the money.”

A source from Seungri’s side admitted that he invited female escorts to his birthday party in Palawan, but denied that money was exchanged for sexual favors. The source stated, “Transferring money to an adult entertainment establishment does not mean sexual acts were expected in return. If the money were sent with expectations of receiving sexual favors in return, we should have gotten the money back from female escorts who did not engage in sexual acts at the party.” They emphasized that the money was transferred solely to cover their travel expenses.

Police respond to new report about officer who allegedly called Choi Jong Hoon on his birthday

The police have responded to a new report about an alleged phone call between Choi Jong Hoon and a police officer.

It was previously reported that Choi Jong Hoon, who recently confessed to attempting to bribe the police in order to cover up a drunk driving accident in 2016, boasted in a group chatroom that he had received a phone call from a senior police officer wishing him a happy birthday soon after his accident.

On April 15, Channel A’s “News A” revealed new information about the police officer who reportedly called Choi Jong Hoon on his birthday. In the new report, Channel A stated that the police officer in question—referred to only as “A”—was a senior investigative officer in the Accident Investigation Division of the Seoul Yongsan Police Station.

According to “A,” his phone call to Choi Jong Hoon was a routine call that he frequently made to individuals involved in an accident, in order to assess their satisfaction with their experience with the police during the investigation.

However, an anonymous source from the accident investigation unit of another police station told Channel A, “[Those kinds of calls] are generally made to victims. We don’t typically make those kinds of calls to those responsible [for a drunk driving accident].” The source added, “Each [police] station is probably different.”

Later that day, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency responded to the report, explaining that they were still in the midst of investigations.

A spokesperson for the police agency stated, “After questioning ‘A,’ it appears that the call [to Choi Jong Hoon] was related to an initiative planned by the Yongsan Accident Investigation Division in order to improve the public’s satisfaction [with the police]. The purpose of the call appears to have been to answer any questions that he may have had and to check whether he encountered any discomfort during the investigation [of his accident].

“Because time has passed and because ‘A’ calls many individuals involved in accidents as part of his daily work, he does not remember the precise details of his phone call with Choi [Jong Hoon]. However, he stated that if he did call [Choi Jong Hoon] on his birthday, he most likely wished him a happy birthday after seeing his birthday in his resident registration number.”

The spokesperson went on to reveal, “We have obtained the cell phones of the head of the [Yongsan] police station and the head of the [Accident Investigation Division], and we are currently in the process of using digital forensics and analyzing their accounts. We are also currently in the process of analyzing the computerized system related to their work. Once we have completed [our investigations], we will forward the case [to the prosecution].”

Police reveal new information about Seungri and former Yuri Holdings CEO's relationship with Senior Superintendent Yoon

The police has given an update on their investigation into Seungri and former Yuri Holdings CEO Yoo In Suk’s relationship with Senior Superintendent Yoon.

In March, the police booked Senior Superintendent Yoon as a suspect after he fell under suspicion of misusing his position as a senior police officer to help cover up the criminal activity of various members of Jung Joon Young‘s group chatroom. He was also booked on suspicion of receiving bribes from Seungri earlier this month.

During his questioning, Yoon confirmed that he was an acquaintance of Yoo In Suk, but denied misuse of his position. He has since been reassigned to another station.

During a press conference on April 15, the police reported new developments in their investigation into Senior Superintendent Yoon’s relationship with Yoo In Suk and Seungri, including new information that contradicted Yoon’s previous testimony. Although Yoon previously claimed that he had only golfed with Yoo In Suk twice, the police have ascertained that they met four times to go golfing together.

A spokesperson for the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency stated, “We are conducting extensive investigations and obtaining a large breadth of information related to Senior Superintendent Yoon. In regards to the golf meetings, [Yoon] testified that there had only been two instances, but we found [evidence of] two additional meetings through credit card transactions and investigations of wireless transmissions.”

According to the police, Yoo In Suk and Senior Superintendent Yoon golfed together four times and dined together six times. SBS’s “8 O’Clock News” reported that Seungri was also present at four out of those six meals.

The police investigation also revealed that Yoo In Suk paid for all four golf sessions. As for the six meals, the police have determined that both Yoo In Suk and Senior Superintendent Yoon each paid for two of them. The police are currently investigating Senior Superintendent Yoon’s claim that he paid in cash the other two times. It was also revealed that Yoo In Suk used his company card for the golf sessions and meals with Senior Superintendent Yoon.

The spokesperson for the police stated, “The amount that CEO Yoo spent is greater than the amount spent by Senior Superintendent Yoon. We will calculate the total amount that was spent and determine whether there was a violation of the Kim Young Ran Law [the Improper Solicitation and Graft Act].”

The police have also decided to reapply for an arrest warrant for Burning Sun CEO Lee Moon Ho. Although Lee Moon Ho was booked on drug-related charges and questioned as a suspect in March, the police’s request for an arrest warrant was rejected by the Seoul Central District Court due to room for argument about the criminal charges.

A spokesperson for the police stated, “We’re almost at the final stages of the corroborative investigation into CEO Lee and Anna. We’re planning to take the necessary measures within this week.” Anna is a Chinese employee who worked at Burning Sun as an MD (a “merchandiser” or club promoter) and who has tested positive for multiple drugs. The police are planning to request an arrest warrant for Anna as well.

Police secure new testimony suggesting that Seungri mediated prostitution for investors in 2015

The police has secured testimony that Seungri mediated prostitution for Japanese investors at a Christmas party in 2015.

On April 16, it was reported that the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Provincial Special Detective Division secured testimony that sexual acts with men occurred in the process of investigating the professional female escorts who were invited to his Christmas party at the time. The police also analyzed the women’s bank accounts and confirmed that some of the costs had been paid.

A source from the police stated, “While [Seungri] did not order sexual services, he called them imagining a certain scenario or more, and actual sexual activities occurred.” The source added, “The women were professional female escorts and not non-celebrity acquaintances Seungri was already familiar with, and as they are still in the related industry, this is likely to be seen as prostitution mediation.”

Previously, the police secured testimony that sexual activities occurred between the female escorts Seungri invited and the men at his birthday party in Palawan in December of 2017.

Sources: Naver (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), Channel A via Soompi (1, 2, 3, 4)
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