Doesn't mean we can't enjoy the shallow. (timetobegin) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
Doesn't mean we can't enjoy the shallow.

BLACKPINK on the Zach Sang Show

In this thirty minute interview, Rosé and Jennie do most of the talking and discuss:
- What Coachella feels like
- Road to debut for everyone (Rosé's dad made her audition)
- From 16:15: discussion of several singles and the KTL EP; how Teddy produces their music
- 25:00: how everyone elses solo projects are coming together (spoilers: they ain't)
- 28:00: covers on the new tour (Zach knooooows); if they would be open to producing their own stuff

Zach Sang Show

A cute interview with some nice anecdotes. They couldn't really answer questions about the creative process behind their music though, which I thought was a little painful but that's the truth of Kpop lmao
Tags: blackpink, interview, overseas activities
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