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GFriend Round-Up [Asia Tour+Zzan OST+SOGE DVD+1st Photobook+Back To The Past: White+The Hit]

G.G.G: Go Go GFriend Asia Tour


  • 05.18-19 SEOUL (tickets on sale)

  • 06.29 KUALA LUMPUR (tickets on sale)

  • 07.20 SINGAPORE (tickets on sale starting April 20th)

  • 07.27 BANGKOK

  • 08.03 HONG KONG (tickets go on sale on April 24th)

  • 08.23 JAKARTA

  • 08.25 MANILA

  • 08.31 TAIPEI

  • 11.17 YOKOHAMA

the tickets for the other dates aren't on sale yet but should be soon, rumor for Jakarta tickets will go on sale May 1st.
Season of GFriend Encore
DVD & Blu-ray on sale

GFriend OST for Just One Bite 2: Zzan (Cheers)
Moving Lyrics Video

Bonus uncut video
GFriend 1st Photobook

Back To The Past: White Dance Practice video

GFriend started sharing old videos that were cut from the behind the scenes of each era activity sketch, with those they also posted the White dance practice video, after 4 years they posted for the first time a dance practice for the debut b-side.

GFriend on The Hit

Noh Sayeon and GFriend: 만남 X Time For The Moon Night mashup

Source: Gfriend twitter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Gfriend youtube 1, 2, 뮤플리 youtube 1, 2, KBSEntertain youtube 1
Tags: dance video/practice, gfriend, overseas activities, tour

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