Julie (carmine_pink) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

Boy group NewKidd to debut on April 25

J-FLO Entertainment boy group NewKidd will debut with a single album on April 25 at 6 PM. They previously had two predebut releases: "Will You Be Ma" in November 2017 with four members, and "Shooting Star" in July 2018 with six members. The debut line up will be seven members, and the single looks like it'll be called "Tu Eres".

From right to left in the above photo: Choi Jiann (was in Produce 101 season 2), Yunmin, Woochul, Ji Hansol (was in SM Rookies/The Unit/UNB), Jinkwon, Hwi, Kang Seungchan (new member)

Source: jflo_newkidd 1, 2, 3
Tags: debut, ji hansol, produce 101 alumni, teaser, the unit

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