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Andy Prepares For Military

Andy (28) of Shinhwa and “We Got Married” will be enlisting in the military on January 11th. In preparation, Andy will have a fan meeting and release a digital single.

Eric, Kim Dong-wan, and Junjin have already enlisted, but Andy, Shinhwa’s mangnae (youngest member) will be the first of Shinhwa to serve active duty. Andy gave up his American citizenship in 2003, and is required to serve in Korea’s military for about 2 years.

On January 11th, Andy will head off to 6 months of basic training at Nonsan Military Training Center and then enter active duty.

Before that, Andy will have a fan meeting “ANDY Farewell Party Bye For Now” on January 9th, in Sungdong-gu at Sowol Art Hall. Andy will also release a digital single “One Love” (사랑 하나) on the day of his enlistment, January 11th.

Fellow member Minwoo, will also be enlisting this year, after putting off military service for about 2 years already. Minwoo was scheduled to have his last concert before enlistment on January 16th and 17th, but after a serious car accident, Minwoo injured his neck, back, and ankles, and is currently recovering.

The final member of Shinhwa, Shin Hye-sung, will not be serving in the military, due to a previous injury.

Andy’s cute antics will certainly be missed. Good luck!

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