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Big Bang VS 2PM in 2010

Maybe, the big event will be held in this year : 2PM and Bigbang will have the fight of the century.

tvN news forecast the prospects of this year in K-pop world and said that the most noticeable scenario might be the showdown between 2pm and Bigbang.

In the year of 2009, there are so many splendid idol stars in K-pop world. Especially, 2pm maintained the pride of male idol group in the sweeping zeal for female idol group. So 2pm is a group who is worthy to take the lead.

But, Bigbang who was the best idol group of the year 2008 and took activities as a solo in last year, has the plan to come back as "Big bang", so a showdown between the two (Big bang vs. 2pm) will be inevitable.

tvN ENEWS will analyze the showdown between the two in K-pop world from various angles, and select it as the hottest issue of the year. Actually, 2PM and Bigbang has never met in the final.

And tvN New will analyze around all aspects - including their music style, dance and fashion style, Ads and album sales. More, the prospect of the mass and the professionals will be included in this program. Through all these data, tvN news will forecast who will be a winner.

The rivals jostling each other for top rank in K-pop is the most interesting things in 2010, and it will be the most compelling rival structure as successor to HOT vs Sechs Kiss(1998) and Bigbang vs. Dongbangshinki (2008).

The forecast of the showdown between Bigband ang 2pm will be on air on 7th, 9:pm in tvN enews.

Credit: Kor-Eng Chinup_Jay@2pm-online.com
Coordinator Cassina@2pm-online.com

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