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Eric Nam launches "Kpop Daebak" podcast

After tweeting "should I do a podcast" on March 31, Eric Nam has launched his own kpop podcast. Kpop Daebak is a show about the latest kpop releases each week, plus tidbits about working in the industry from Eric. There are also corresponding Youtube and Spotify playlists so listeners can check out the songs discussed in each episode.

The show started on April 8 and so far only has 3 episodes, but Eric has mentioned wanting to bring on celebrity guests in the future.

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes or your preferred podcast app.

Source: Eric Nam twitter, daebakshow twitter, Kpop Daebak Playlist (Spotify), Kpop Daebak with Eric Nam (Youtube), iTunes

I think it's fairly entertaining so far; not sure how he'd handle bringing guests on in a podcast medium since not all of them would speak English (one of the guests he mentioned was JooE for example.) Maybe upload the audio on youtube and subtitle it? idk
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