10:25 am - 04/24/2019

WHO WORE IT BETTER? Tiger Mist Sadie Dress

Tiger Mist Sadie Dress
$90.00 USD

Rosé of Blackpink at a Shopee event in Jakarta, 181119

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IU 10th Anniversary Concert Tour, 20181118

Eunbin of CLC, No.1 Concept Image Teasers, Jacket, Jacket Behind

Eunbin of CLC on The Show 190212

via Gfycat

Who wore it better?

Eunbin (red boots)
Eunbin (black boots)
None of the above; hate the dress
None of the above; they all look good!

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done_na 24th-Apr-2019 11:31 pm (UTC)
I must be odd but i voted for rose since i love how she's kept it a clean and preppy look. Totally 90s clueless vibes.

IU that bow...😨 Also the leopard prints together with the check print is far too busy. Minus the bow and leopard she'd easily have my vote.

Eunbin's got an amazing bod for this but her stylist picked a terrible necklace.
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