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Yoon Jisung to Enlist on May 14

Hello. This is Yoon Ji Sung. Did you all have a good day?

I’m writing on the cafe like this because there’s something that I want to tell BABAL first.

I’ll be enlisting on May 14. I think there will be some BABAL who are surprised and some who accept it calmly. I feel sorry to BABAL because I think you’ve been made to go through farewells a lot this year, so I feel more sorry for that than anything else.

Still, I’m not worried about BABAL. I think the BABAL who have watched over me until now are strong. So I have no worries.

Don’t worry about me either, BABAL. I’ll return in good health and safely.

There’s really a lot that I want to say, but I hope that you won’t forget that I’m so grateful and always sorry.

We still have many days where we’ll see each other! Let’s plan to say everything else at the fan meeting. I’m sorry for saying this before the album is released.

However, I wanted to say this to BABAL first.

Let’s see each other tomorrow.

I’m so grateful. Always.

Source: Soompi 1 2, Newsen 1

I'm sad :(
Tags: produce 101 alumni, wanna one

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