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Lee Minwoo’s stay in hospital will be extended

Shinhwa member, who is currently being hospitalized after a car accident on Christmas Eve, is likely to get his hospitalization period extended.

On Christmas Eve, Lee Minwoo’s car slipped on an icy road outside Yongpyeong Reosrt in Gangwon-do and he suffered injuries to his neck, back and spine, as well as a concussion. He was admitted into a hospital in Seoul on the 25th and is currently recuperating there.

A rep from Lee Minwoo’s management told Newsen on 5th Jan, “He’s still receiving treatment in the hospital, but it looks like he will be hospitalized for a longer period of time. Injuries take longer to heal since he’s older now. Initially we thought he would recover very soon, so we’re very concerned right now.”

Besides a concussion, Lee Minwoo sustained injuries to his neck, back and ankle. However, looking at the state of the wrecked car, it seems that he is considered lucky. The rep said, “When the police sent us the photos of the scene of the accident on the 4th, it looked absolutely dismal. Although he welcomed the new year in the hospital, it was really an escape from what could have been much worse.”

Meanwhile, Lee Minwoo’s concert ‘M’s Suite Room’, which was initially scheduled for 16 and 17 Jan at Ewha Woman’s University, has been cancelled due to his accident. However, Lee Minwoo may still consider proceeding with the concert after he has recovered from his injuries.

Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa

Although it still sounds very serious, and it's taking longer than they hoped, let's stay positive ^^ 이민우 화이팅! He was very healthy and fit before the accident, which gives him a much better chance of recovering well.
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