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AOA In Talks To Renew Their Contracts With FNC Entertainment

The members of AOA are in talks to stay with FNC Entertainment!

On April 26, a source from the music industry stated, “It is reported that with their contracts ending in May, almost all of AOA members have already renewed their contracts [with FNC Entertainment] or they have verbally agreed to do so.”

The source continued, “It is true that each member received offers from a number of agencies in time for the end of their contracts. It seems that they wished to keep the name of AOA, which made them the stars they are today, more than to have individual activities.”

In response, a source from FNC Entertainment revealed, “We are positively discussing with the members about the renewal of their contracts.”

AOA made their debut in August 2012 with their first mini album “Angels’ Story.”

Source: soompi, tvreport, newsen
Tags: aoa, fnc entertainment

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