CHANG BABY (scribblyness_x) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

BRANDNEWBOYS/AB6IX announce their official debut date with 'Hollywood' MV

May 22nd!

In case anyone was wondering, AB6IX is short for absolute six, or the “transcendental combination of five members and the fandom to open new horizons of Brand New Music”. Yes, the 6th member of the group are the fans. We can all make our K-Pop debut.

Apart from us the four members previously shown on season two of Produce 101, Jeon Woong, ex-YG/JYP trainee who appeared in an episode of Stray Kids, will also be part of AB6IX.

Source: BRANDNEW MUSIC, Mnet Official, HELLOKPOP, Kpopmap

They've all grown a lot in these two years. Please support this chaotic group.
Tags: brand new music, debut, music video, produce 101 alumni

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