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"Ms. Trot" outperforms hit drama "Doctor Prisoner"

TV Chosun's hit show "Ms. Trot for Tomorrow" has pushed the cable network's viewership record up again on Thursday to a record high 14.4 percent.

Since its first episode aired in late February, the music show, aiming to discover the nation's next top trot singers, has continued to renew its viewership records.

Ms. Trot's latest viewership is higher than that of KBS2's hit TV series "Doctor Prisoner" which airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

In the late-night show on Thursday, veteran singer Kim Yeon-ja fascinated viewers with her age-defying performance of her latest hit dance-trot song "Amore Party."

Another trot singer Jang Yun-jeong, who is serving as head judge of the show, also entertained audiences with a performance of "Train for Mokpo." The show reached its climax and became nail-biting when five finalists were chosen among 12 contestants.

Encouraged by its rare, phenomenal success, TV Chosun will host a nationwide tour in seven cities starting in Seoul from May 4.

Amid the surge of Ms. Trot, MBC drama "The Banker," and SBS "Big Issue" hovered around mere 3 percent viewer ratings, falling far behind TV Chosun's music show.

More info about the show on this post. I still can't believe the view count on these performances. The one above was just posted yesterday and has 800,000 views. Crazy. Also, the reactions are the best, you can tell the dudes at 3:00 really went through it lol.

source: The Korea Times & TVCHOSUN
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