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Big Hit Staff Receives Criticism Over Alleged Sexual Harassment At BTS Fansign

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The bodyguard was a woman. She was holding my waist as soon as I reached the 2nd member, and was going to get my signature from Jimin and pushed me. You can't even talk with the members for a lot of time, so I was trying to hold it in, but she kept pushing me the whole time.
I made it clear that I didn't want her to push me in front of Jimin, but she kept doing it, but Jimin kept the conversation even though she was pushing me. The members also kept looking at the bodyguard, so they couldn't concentrate on following our conversation. She kept pushing me the whole time, grabbing me by my waist, I even told her to stop, but she did it until the last member, Yoongi, she didn't stop once.

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It's not like I spent more time talking to the members than the other fans, and it's not like I was trying to stay with the members even when we were done talking. There was no need for her to cut in the middle of our conversations, and the skinship was just so uncomfortable. It's not like I can easily go to their fansign so this is just too upsetting.
I'm preparing to tweet about it, so I thank the Army for sharing about this. I hope that Bighit fix their mistakes ASAP.

1. The person who grabbed her was a woman
2. We're not sure yet if it's a staff or bodyguard
3. The fan herself said it was uncomfortable

Video of incident:

The I-fans are currently calling this disgusting and uncomfortable.

In April 24th 2018, during an overseas concert, there as a fan who claimed she got sexually harassed by a staff and it became really controversial. Bighit said that they would take strong measures to educate their staff.

Netizen comments:
1. She must've had the biggest reality check

2. People always think that those types of controversies are trivial, but we need to do something about it and stop overlooking them

3. But to be honest even if it was a woman, to grab someone by their waist like that is just disgusting

4. Ew why are Bighit's staff like that seriously, there are always so much talks circulating about their bodyguards, this is getting annoying

5. You can't touch someone like that even though you're a woman... She paid to attend those events, treat her accordingly

6. If you guys can't understand, how would you feel being touched like that?

7. Wow it's not like you can attend BTS fansign by only purchasing one or two albums, you need to buy so many of them, this kind of treatment is too much

8. Do they have to treat people like that in fanmeetings? Aren't people supposed to go there and come out happy?

9. Even if she was a woman, it's still considered sexual harassment since it comes from the back, you can't tell if it's a guy or a girl

10. If she didn't give the permission to get touched, it's considered sexual harassment, don't you know that? In what generation do we live in?

Source: theqoo, @taeOt7first
Translation: pann-choa
Tags: big hit entertainment, bts, sexual harassment / sexual assault
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