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BTS Perform at the SBS Inkigayo Super Concert in Gwangju

BTS, as well as several other acts such as TWICE, TXT, IZ*ONE and WJSN, have appeared at the SBS Inkigayo Super Concert in Gwangju to support the upcoming 2019 Gwangju FINA World Acquatics Championships. It was also a special occasion for J-Hope, born and raised in Gwangju, who got to perform "Boy With Luv", "DNA" and "IDOL" in front of his homecrowd.

The concert will be broadcast on SBS on May 5th at 3:25 PM KST.

(Jin fell on 1:30 after he stepped on what seems to be a tissue and slipped.)

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Hi mods, I hope it's okay I made this post even if it hasn't yet been broadcast officially! I also hope Jin's hand is okay, he kept checking it throughout the performance after his fall :(
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