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Sunmi Sends a Food Truck to Support Sohee's New Drama

The friendship between former Wonder Girls bandmates Sunmi and Ahn So Hee remains strong!

On April 26, Ahn So Hee took to her Instagram and shared photos with the caption, “Without telling me.. Thank you, friend. You are my left arm, and I am your right arm.” The idol-turned-actress also included the hashtags, “Welcome To Waikiki 2,” “So Hee,” “Sunmi,” and “MiSo” (a combination of their names).

In the first photo, Ahn So Hee poses with a cup. A message on the cup sleeve says, “It’s Jung Eun’s (Ahn So Hee’s character in ‘Welcome to Waikiki 2’) treat today.”

The second photo shows the food truck that Sunmi sent in support of Ahn So Hee. The photo also shows banners on the truck that say, “Eat well and gain strength. Hwaiting to ‘Welcome to Waikiki 2,'” and, “So Hee and Sunmi forever. ‘Welcome to Waikiki 2’ will become the best~!”

Another banner says, “I love you, Jung Eun. I love you, So Hee. Director, actors, and staff members! Have strength!”

Source: Soompi, @ssoheean
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