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Former Winner and Melody Day members to have second crack at music on new show

A group of young musicians including former Winner member Nam Tae-hyun and Chahee of disbanded girl group Melody Day will have a second go at the music scene as they work on new music on a reality show.

Super Junior’s Kim Hee-chul, Momoland’s JooE and singer-songwriter JeA will also star in the upcoming tvN series “Studio Vibes” where the stars will oversee up-and-coming musicians as they rub shoulders with each other while living together.

Alongside the stars, viewers will get to see 10 contestants with a previous background in music have a second crack at the music scene.

Nam said he decided to join the show as he was curious to know how other singer-songwriters make their music.

“Singer-songwriters don’t collaborate much so we don’t know how others work. I think this could be very helpful in my life,” he said during the press conference.

He also said, “I live alone and I thought to myself when I would ever get a chance to live with five guys and women in the same house.”

In what could be a testament to how authentic the show is, Nam recently made public his relationship with fellow cast member Jang Jane. When asked about the romance, he shyly said that “you don’t know what could happen” between people.

The producer of the show Gang Gung explained the meaning of the show’s title “Jageobsil,” as “jageob” can mean both work and flirting in Korea, a fitting title for the program’s concept.

Gang said the show is about showing “friendship, love and work” between young people in an honest way so he decided to cast people who aren’t bound by the controlling system of the entertainment industry and those who are single and willing to mingle.

As part of the panel, Kim Hee-chul said he kind of “envied” the cast members for their energy and straight-forwardness.

In a trailer, Chahee got emotional as she talked about how her band disbanded recently after a near five-year stint. She shared her love-hate relationship with music and how she almost gave up on her dream.

It was clear that the music-themed show packs a strong romantic punch as promised as the trailer also featured other contestants in pairs having candid conversations about their previous relationships.

In another scene, Lee Woo, who was previously in the boyband Madtown, shared his views on music and sounded worried as he felt others seemed to be focusing on the creative side while he was focused on singing itself.

The show airs Wednesday at 11 p.m.

The hosts/pannel: Shin Dong Yup, Kim Hee Chul (Super Junior), JeA (Brown Eyed Girls), JooE (Momoland). Musicians: Nam Taehyun (South Club), Deepshower, Bigone (formerly known as 24K's Daeil), Lee Woo (formerly known as Madtown's Lee Geon), Choi Nakta, Stella Jang, Eyedi, Jang Jaein, Chahee (former Melody Day), Ko Sungmin

source: KPopHerald & Yonhap News
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