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After 15 years, TraxX's contracts with SM finally end

On April 30, several industry insiders stated that the exclusive contracts of TraxX’s members with SM Entertainment have ended. As a result, Jay and Jungmo decided to leave the agency after 15 years of promoting together.

In response, a source from SM Entertainment clarified, “The exclusive contracts of TraxX’s Jay and Jungmo recently expired. Please show a lot of support for the paths they will be walking on in the future.”

The two made their debut in 2004 as members of TRAX, the first-ever rock band to debut under SM Entertainment. In March 2018, the group announced that they will be changing their name to TraxX and expanding their musical spectrum as an EDM group by recruiting DJ and producer Ginjo as a new member.

source: @soompi, soompi, naver 1 2

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