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The Real-Life Diet of Jackson Wang, the K-Pop Star Who Overhauled His Routine

they did him dirty with that cover shot
- wants to try being more unpolished (but in a good way), doesn't wear makeup or shave for videos, wants to be himself
- doesn't diet anymore bc even tho he was in good shape, he wasn't feeling well emotionally
- talks about taking vitamins and keeping his liver healthy, like how his gradfather taught him
- doesn't got the gym that often anymore, too tired
- sleeps 4-5 hours a day
- doesn't know when his new album will be released but they're trying to get it out asap
- one of his goals is for Team Wang to become an entertainment agency like JYPE

Jackson also said at the end of the interview that he "wants to retire by the age of 35", but later clarified (in Chinese) on his instagram that he's not really retiring but meant he's "turning a new page" in life

Source: via GQmagazine

I had kinda ignored this at first when it came out a few days ago but it's actually an... interesting read.
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