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Eunhyuk On How Super Junior Fielded Questions About Sex On A Mexican Talk Show

On the April 30 broadcast of MBC every1’s “Video Star,” Super Junior’s Eunhyuk talked about the group’s experience on a talk show in Mexico and questions that had all of the members squirming.

Eunhyuk said, “The host there, without any reservations, asked us about where and how we have sex.”

Asked if it was an adult show, Eunhyuk said, “No, it was just a regular talk show. They asked if we [have active sex lives] and when our last time was. They asked all these things so naturally.”

“We were so surprised that we started talking amongst ourselves,” said Eunhyuk. “Then the fans in the audience started chanting for us to answer the questions.”

Eventually, the group played rock, paper, scissors to choose the member that would answer the question. “[Choi] Siwon was the one that had to answer,” said Eunhyuk.

“He smoothly addressed the question, saying that we’re all healthy men in our 30s and that we love when we love, we work hard, and we do our best in everything.”

The “Video Star” MCs asked Eunhyuk how he would answer the question, and he jokingly got up out of his seat and said, “Should I show you for five minutes?”

Sitting back down, he said, “I think I would’ve cried.”

Here's the interview with english subs

source: @soompi, villalore, soompi, naver
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