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(Unconfirmed) EXID to comeback on May 15th!!?

(Written by Hyelinikid. Not an official statement of Banana Culture.)

EXID members will hold their comeback showcase at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, May 15. According to a text message sent from Banana Culture to VIP attendees, the Company states that the showcase will be held at Blue Square Hall, Itaewon Road, Seoul, which was the same place as last showcase. Judging that the time is 8 p.m., the new album (OP note: not specified if single/mini/full album) will likely to be released at 6 p.m. This is only a week after OMG comeback, which fits the 4-year long tradition.

While fans in Korea were commending the timing of comeback, they were displeased with the fact that no official news was released prior to 15 days before the big day, as well as the pity efforts inputted in celebrating Hani’s birthday, when her group brought more than 90% of the Company revenue for the last 5 years. No statement was released from Banana Culture, including the availability of 3rd Generation Leggo Membership.

source: hyelinikid on exid discord server (hyelinikid is one of the most reliable leggos who serves as a bridge btw k-leggos and i-leggos. She has only posted the info on the exid discord server.), ot5exid

hyelinikid has also said that exid's schedules are booked till August, which is a hint that the girls (or at least majority of them) re-signed their contracts with Banana
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