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Park Bom Talks About Her Upcoming Album And Working With MAMAMOO’s Wheein

Park Bom talked about her new album in a recent interview!

On May 2, Park Bom will be releasing her repackaged album “re: Blue Rose.” The title track “4:44” will feature MAMAMOO’s Wheein.

On her fast return after the release of “Spring,” Park Bom stated that while working on the songs, they had made another song with a spring feel that had a different concept [from “Spring”], and she wanted to release the new song before it became too late for the season.

Park Bom also talked about the meaning behind the title of her new album and track. She said, “The blue rose is a flower I like, and it represents hope and miracles,” and she thought that the album title was fitting for both “Spring” and “4:44.” The story behind the new album and track can be interpreted as the story that encompasses the darkness before a flower blooms, the flower blooming when spring comes, and the flower wilting after spring passes. She explained that flowers wilt so that they can bear fruits that are even more beautiful than themselves.

When asked about the meaning of “4:44,” Park Bom explained that she tried to represent the time in which a person longs for their past lover. Regarding Wheein’s featuring, she added, “Her soulful and sophisticated voice mixed in well with the dreamy sound.”

Park Bom also talked about how it was to work with Wheein. She shared, “Actually, during my activities for my last album, I promoted at the same time as MAMAMOO, and at the time, I wanted to get closer to them. While preparing for the album, the idea of Wheein featuring in the song was brought up coincidentally, and I thought it was a great idea. I’m glad that an even better song came out because I was able to work with her.”

Finally, Park Bom also talked about her plans for the rest of 2019, which included her plans to return with more albums, including a mini album.

source: soompi, naver
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